NYT Crossword April 16 2023 Answers (4/16/23)

We have all of the answers to the NYT Crossword puzzle for April 16 2023 to help you finish it up!
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The New York Times Crossword is a daily puzzle that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It’s one of the most popular crosswords in the world, known for its challenging clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle is published in the print edition of The New York Times and is also available online. Solvers can choose to play the crossword in various levels of difficulty, from easy to very hard. If you’ve been stumped NYT April 16 2023 Crossword, we have all the answers for you.

NYT Crossword Answers Guide

Below you will find all of the answers for the April 16 2023 New York Times Crossword. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on! You can also find an ongoing post of the latest NYT Crossword answers.

Inundates with messages
Starting from
Farm male
Word spelled starting with an alif in Arabic
Style of Chicago's NBC Tower, informally
Traditional wisdom
Fine woodworking detail
Blender button
Lottery prize?
Deception, metaphorically
Cambridgeshire's historic ___ Hall
They were once advertised with the slogan "Polly wants a cracker?"
Painted 25% of the house?
"Eww, yuck!"
It's a snap
768 parts of a gal.
Lacking in vitality
Heavy cookware item
Dancer's boss
Cruet contents
Obama's first chief of staff
Make one's long story overly short?
Canner's purchase
Dog owner's hope … or a cat owner's pipe dream?
Regulator of e-cigarettes, for short
Butter maker
Trees whose wood is used for model airplanes
One of Randall's daughters on "This Is Us"
Just the refreshments, not the viewing?
Ode to reparation for sin?
Hunt out
Really into
Tic-tac-toe sides
Went unused
Make easier to tear, in a way
One of twenty-five in this clue
One darling percussion instrument?
Work with a pick and an ax?
Apt name for a worrywart
Off-white shade
"Gangnam Style" rapper
Track star?
Giant things in the 1954 sci-fi film "Them!"
Kind of exam
Where stealth is found in the dictionary?
Looking blue
Shoelace tip
Goes to town on
Successfully used Rogaine?
Legendary figures
2020 movie lead-in to "land"
The "a" of a.m.
The "E" of HOMES
Drum also known as a tumbadora
Lawsuit filers
Get into a computer's memory
"___ Blue"
Word with word or jar
Vertically level
"It's ___ nothing"
Protect oneself against Covid, say
Expression of exasperation
___ Limón, first Latina poet laureate of the U.S.
Like clothing patches
City west of Daytona Beach
Kids' creations from sofa cushions
Lightheaded sorts?
[Man, that hurts!]
Creative writing and industrial design, for two
Restorative process
Flawed but relatable protagonist
"___ ahead" (redundant advice)
Most spiders have eight of them
Egging-on phrase
"First Lady of Song," familiarly
Pulls a fast one on
And others: Abbr.
Classical form of poetry
Tee off
Product used with a stylus
Actor Michael
Raquel of "Fantastic Voyage"
Hold 'em variation
World capital located more than a mile above sea level
Reserve for later … or something to reserve
Class speaker
Weakens, in video game lingo
Arm bones
Nutrition fig.
"___ for Innocent" (Sue Grafton novel)
Many an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics
Sturdy flooring material
The Keebler elves, e.g.
Makes more attractive, with "up"
Shed some tears
Fairy tale ending?
Hoof, in part
Ranked #1
Amsterdam of "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
Affectionate sobriquet
Many a URL ending
Common deodorant ingredient
When the curtains open
Time to go
The Beatles' "Lovely ___"
Animal life
An arm and a leg
Back-and-forth struggle
Rare finds in Minecraft
Narcissist's indulgence
Genesis creator
Branch of philosophy
Muesli brand
Affectionate sobriquet
In sync
Japanese graphic novel style
Nine-digit IDs
M.L.B. family name
Cupola relative
Early Bond villain
Old imperial title
Itinerary initials
Excellent adventurer of film

We also recommend trying your hand at the NYT Mini Crossword, which is definitely easier (on all days!) as it is a 5×5, compared to the full-sized crossword (which is 15×15, and the Sunday edition is 21×21!). New crosswords are released at 10PM ET on weekdays and 6PM ET on weekends.

If you’re still struggling to solve your NYT crosswords, consider practicing with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first. If you’re looking for similarly challenging crosswords, we recommend the WSJ Crossword and LA Times Crossword.

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