Opinions mixed on whether Diablo 4 is worth Pre-Ordering

The Diablo 4 Beta has left players with mixed opinions on whether the game is worth pre-ordering, as some praise its gameplay while others express concerns about the game's depth and longevity.
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Diablo IV, the highly anticipated action RPG from Blizzard Entertainment, has nearly concluded its Open Beta and Early Access weekends, giving players a taste of the game’s campaign, Act 1, and the first zone, Fractured Peaks. While the beta was an opportunity for players to battle the forces of the Burning Hells, the experience also sparked a debate on whether Diablo 4 is worth pre-ordering.

The beta allowed players to level up their characters to Level 25, explore dungeons, complete quests, and collect loot, all before the game’s official release on June 6. However, it was also an unfinished experience, with players reporting performance issues and unfinished features. Blizzard acknowledged these issues and promised to evaluate feedback and make necessary changes before the final release.

Players who participated in the beta have expressed mixed opinions on whether the game is worth pre-ordering. Some have decided to wait for a price drop, quality-of-life improvements, or content patches before making a purchase. Others have shifted their plans from playing at launch to waiting for the first season or a sale.

Some players praised the game’s art direction, graphics, and core gameplay but felt that Diablo 4 was lacking in depth, calling it an “empty shell.” Others found the game “dead and tedious,” struggling to stay engaged and predicting that it might not be in a great place until a few patches or an expansion down the line.

However, there are those who enjoyed the beta experience and see Diablo 4 as a worthwhile investment. One player cited their enjoyment of playing Destiny 2 and believes Diablo 4 would make a good side game to relax with when they’re done with their main game’s seasonal content. Another player, after spending a couple of hours on their PlayStation 5, decided to pre-order the game, finding it “surprisingly fun” and envisioning multiple playthroughs with different characters.

Ultimately, the decision to pre-order Diablo 4 seems to come down to individual preferences and expectations for the game. With the official release still some time away, players will have to weigh their experiences and the game’s potential against the cost of pre-ordering.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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