Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) Guide

Want to know what Time Bubbles are, and what rewards you get for completing them? We have all the information in our Peroxide guide!
A screenshot of a beam of light indicated a Time Bubble Raid can be started in Peroxide
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If you’re keen on knowing about Time Bubbles in Peroxide and how to conquer them, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down everything you need to know about these challenging events and how to secure the coveted Time Relic in our Peroxide Time Bubble (Raids) guide.

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What are Time Bubbles (Raids) in Peroxide Explained

Time Bubbles in Peroxide are essentially raids—special events where players team up to face strong opponents from the past. Seeing huge beams of energy shooting down from the sky, that’s a raid starting. They’re not just any regular enemies; they’re bosses, and they’re tough. But, with challenges come rewards. Conquer these raids, and you might just get your hands on a Time Relic.

Now, before you dive into battle, remember these raids pop up around the map every 30 to 45 minutes. They last for a short five minutes, so always be ready. And a little heads up from my experience: you need to be at least level 15 to join a raid. Push yourself and your team to defeat the Raid in under 7 minutes, and you’ll bag some extra rewards!

All Time Bubble Raids in Peroxide

A screenshot of Aizen in his Aizen Raid Time Bubble
Image: [Peroxide]

Peroxide has three Time Bubble (Raids) you can enter:

Peroxide Aizen Raid

Having faced Aizen multiple times, I can tell you, he’s no pushover. Aizen scales with the player’s level, making him a formidable opponent. He’s got 3 distinct phases, each more challenging than the last.

Peroxide Aizen Phase 1

At first, Aizen seems chill, throwing a few abilities here and there. But don’t get too comfortable.

Peroxide Aizen Phase 2

When angered, Aizen brings out his Shikai “Kyōka Suigetsu” and starts summoning clones. Yep, it gets tricky.

Peroxide Aizen Phase 3

Now, he’s done playing games. Using the power of Hogyoku, he powers up, using unique abilities to try and take you out.

The reward for braving this challenge? A guaranteed Time Relic and a small chance to acquire the Aizen outfit.

Peroxide The Storm

This raid is intense! Bright orange lights mark the arrival of powerful enemies called Arrancars. They’re tied to these beams, and trust me, they’re not friendly. These enemies come in five waves, each harder than the previous one.

From my battles, I’ve noticed that as you progress through the waves, your chances of getting the Hollow Hunter Coat increase when you defeat the Arrancars.

Peroxide Ulquiorra Raid

Another tough Raid Boss is Ulquiorra. Like Aizen, he scales with the player’s level and has 3 distinct phases.

Peroxide Ulquiorra Raid Phase 1

Ulquiorra starts off relaxed in his base form.

Peroxide Ulquiorra Raid Phase 2

When you’ve done enough damage, he transforms, but he’s still holding back.

Peroxide Ulquiorra Raid Phase 3

Here’s where things heat up. Ulquiorra showcases his full power, raining down attacks that will test your skills to the limit.

Conquer him, and you’re guaranteed a Time Relic. There’s also a slim chance you’ll get his outfit or the special Volcan Cero ability.

What Does the Time Relic Do in Peroxide?

These Time Relics are rare and sought after in Peroxide. Secure 10 of these by succeeding in raids, and you can trade them with the Shady Shinigami NPCs for a random Reiatsu Gem/Crystal.

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