Pet Simulator X Value List – Diamond Prices!

We've compiled a Pet Simulator X Value List that features a comprehensive look at all of the values of the pets in PSX!
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Pet Simulator X aka PSX is a popular collection game on the online gaming platform Roblox. In this game, players take on the role of a pet and embark on an adventure to collect coins, gems, and other valuable items. It offers a vast and colorful open world where players can explore different zones and interact with other players. Players can hatch eggs to collect new pets, each with its own unique abilities. The goal of the game is to become the ultimate pet collector by obtaining the rarest and strongest pets! If you’re looking to make some trades or buy some pets, we have a full Pet Sim X Value List that will help you out.

If you want to get some easy free Diamonds, make sure to grab the Scavenger Egg each week! We have a guide that is updated with the Scavenger Egg Locations that will help you find them.

PSX Value List

We feature an up-to-date list with just about all of the available pets, with prices for their normal, golden, rainbow, and dark matter forms. In some cases, not all of these prices are available, but we will be updating the list frequently with new information.

Use the search to narrow down the list to the exact pet or type of pets you’re trying to find!

Pet Normal Golden Rainbow Dark Matter
Stunt Cat1M3M12M40M
Party Monkey150M180M450MN/A
Jetpack Tiger2.5M7.5M30M100M
Huge Party Monkey620B744B1.86TN/A
Crash Dummy Noob200,000600,0002.4M8M
Fireball Cat830M2.49B9.96B33.2B
Parachute Monkey400,0001.2M4.8M16M
Rocket Shark450,0001.35M5.4M18M
Springy Axolotl100,000300,0001.2M4M
Stunt BobcatN/AN/AN/AN/A
Stunt Corgi5M15M60M200M
Huge Wild Fire Agony280B336B840BN/A
Cosmic Dragon4.5B5.4B13.5BN/A
Cosmic Axolotl2.8B3.36B8.4BN/A
Cosmic Agony7.5B9B22.5BN/A
Huge Cosmic Agony380B456B1.14TN/A
Huge Cosmic Axolotl260B312B780BN/A
Titanic Cosmic Pegasus22.9TN/A68.7TN/A
Huge Toilet Cat500B600B1.5TN/A
Toilet Cat9B27B108B360B
Exclusive Egg 16 (Cosmic)44BN/AN/AN/A
Anniversary Gift 20233.7BN/AN/AN/A
Wild Fire Agony20M60M240M800M
Wild Frost Agony5M15M60M200M
Huge Stunt Unicorn25.5T30.6T76.5TN/A
Plane Dragon3M9M36M120M
Stunt UnicornN/AN/AN/AN/A
Stunt ChickN/AN/AN/AN/A
Hot Air Balloon Dog150,000450,0001.8M6M
Titanic Cat50TN/A150TN/A
Huge White Tiger70B84B210BN/A
Huge Sun Angelus405B486B1.215TN/A
Huge Shark450B540B1.35TN/A
Huge Shadow Griffin720B864B2.16TN/A
Huge Sandcastle Cat610B732B1.83TN/A
Huge Masked Owl70B84B210BN/A
Huge Husky420B504B1.26TN/A
Huge Fox70B84B210BN/A
Huge Fairy390B468B1.17TN/A
Huge Dove70B84B210BN/A
Huge Cow70B84B210BN/A
Huge Bear410B492B1.23TN/A
Huge Balloon Monkey70B84B210BN/A
Huge Angel Cat70B84B210BN/A
Titanic Purrari7TN/A21TN/A
Sandcastle Egg150BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Arcade Cat275B330B825BN/A
Turtle in a Bucket150,000450,0001.8M6M
Summer Gecko500,0001.5M6M20M
Sun Angelus45M135M540M1.8B
Fish in a Bucket100,000300,0001.2M4M
Sandcastle Dog50,000150,000600,0002M
Sandcastle Cat10,00030,000120,000400,000
Arcade Dragon220M264M660MN/A
Arcade Cat1M3M12M40M
Arcade Dog1.2M3.6M14.4M48M
Tiki Dominus10M30M120M400M
Scuba Shark500,0001.5M6M20M
Scuba Dog600,0001.8M7.2M24M
Luau Seal600,0001.8M7.2M24M
Luau Cat600,0001.8M7.2M24M
Huge Tiki Dominus360B432B1.08TN/A
Huge Pufferfish490B588B1.47TN/A
Atlantean Stingray4.8B5.76B14.4BN/A
Atlantean Orca2.35B2.82B7.05BN/A
Atlantean Dolphin4.5B5.4B13.5BN/A
Huge Atlantean Orca270B324B810BN/A
Huge Atlantean Dolphin310B372B930BN/A
Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish23.6TN/A70.8TN/A
Exclusive Egg 15 (Atlantean)36BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Butterfly3.8T4.56T11.4TN/A
Tiki Egg7.5BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Luau Cat170B204B510BN/A
Beach Ball Monkey300,000900,0003.6M12M
Pirate Parrot500M600M1.5BN/A
Sailor Shark250M300M750MN/A
Pirate Panda750M900M2.25BN/A
Pineapple Cat10M30M120M400M
Huge Pirate Parrot295B354B885BN/A
Floatie Ducky100,000300,0001.2M4M
Floatie Flamingo200,000600,0002.4M8M
Huge Gamer Shiba3.8T4.56T11.4TN/A
Huge Pineapple Cat140B168B420BN/A
Huge Sailor Shark315B378B945BN/A
Beach Ball Dolphin400,0001.2M4.8M16M
Surfboard Corgi500,0001.5M6M20M
Surfboard Axolotl1.1M3.3M13.2M44M
Pirate Egg31BN/AN/AN/A
Sailor Egg4BN/AN/AN/A
Tech Chest MimicN/AN/AN/AN/A
Huge Tech Chest Mimic60B72B180BN/A
Titanic Nightmare Cat20.55TN/A61.65TN/A
Huge Nightmare Kraken300B360B900BN/A
Detective Terrier250,000750,0003M10M
Robber Pug750,0002.25M9M30M
Skateboard Bulldog1M3M12M40M
Umbrella Dog750,0002.25M9M30M
Atomic Corgi38M114M456M1.52B
Basketball Retriever1.25M3.75M15M50M
Hot Dog26M78M312M1.04B
Gamer Shiba750,0002.25M9M30M
Huge Firefighter Dalmatian300B360B900BN/A
Firefighter Dalmatian1M3M12M40M
Bubble Dog1M3M12M40M
Nerd Collie500,0001.5M6M20M
Torpedo Shepherd750,0002.25M9M30M
Wizard Westie250,000750,0003M10M
Huge Beans Balloon Cat60B72B180BN/A
Huge Black Balloon Cat60B72B180BN/A
Huge Bluebird60B72B180BN/A
Huge Cyborg Cat60B72B180BN/A
Huge Cyborg Dragon60B72B180BN/A
Huge Ghost60B72B180BN/A
Huge Exquisite Parrot60B72B180BN/A
Huge Exquisite Cat60B72B180BN/A
Huge Empyrean Agony505B606B1.515TN/A
Huge Doodle Snow Owl60B72B180BN/A
Huge Mosaic Cat60B72B180BN/A
Titanic Sad Cat5TN/A15TN/A
Titanic Pink Balloon Cat5TN/A15TN/A
Titanic Axolotl5TN/A15TN/A
Rock DogN/AN/AN/AN/A
Huge Pixel Corgi215B258B645BN/A
Huge Mosaic Lamb260B312B780BN/A
Huge Pixel Dragon60B72B180BN/A
Huge Pixel Wolf60B72B180BN/A
Huge Purple Balloon Cat60B72B180BN/A
Huge Tiedye Bunny60B72B180BN/A
Huge Tiedye Axolotl60B72B180BN/A
Huge Stealth Dragon360B432B1.08TN/A
Huge Stealth Bobcat735B882B2.205TN/A
Nightmare Bear4.4B5.28B13.2BN/A
Nightmare Kraken3.5B4.2B10.5BN/A
Huge Nightmare Spirit210B252B630BN/A
Exclusive Egg 14 (Nightmare)25BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Basketball Retriever960B1.152T2.88TN/A
Hot Dooooog100B120B300BN/A
Nightmare Spirit4.2B5.04B12.6BN/A
Titanic Tiedye Dragon17.85TN/A53.55TN/A
Titanic Tiedye Cat17.85TN/A53.55TN/A
Party Squirrel250M300M750MN/A
Party Shark380M456M1.14BN/A
Party Penguin180M216M540MN/A
Huge Party Penguin320B384B960BN/A
Update Hype Gift 3 (Penguin)1.6BN/AN/AN/A
Stealth DragonN/AN/AN/AN/A
Stealth CatN/AN/AN/AN/A
Stealth BobcatN/AN/AN/AN/A
Exquisite ParrotN/AN/AN/AN/A
Exquisite ElephantN/AN/AN/AN/A
Kawaii TigerN/AN/AN/AN/A
Lucki WolfN/AN/AN/AN/A
Lucki Cat100,000300,0001.2M4M
Lucki Monkey500,0001.5M6M20M
Lucki Tiger11M33M132M440M
Huge Chroma Lucky Block Mimic221B265.2B663BN/A
Huge Chroma Lucki185B222B555BN/A
Jelly Panda2.4B2.88B7.2BN/A
Jelly Pig3.2B3.84B9.6BN/A
Jelly Corgi4.25B5.1B12.75BN/A
Huge Jelly Corgi270B324B810BN/A
Huge Jelly Pig320B384B960BN/A
Titanic Jelly Cat18.4TN/A55.2TN/A
Exclusive Egg 13 (Jelly)31BN/AN/AN/A
Pinata Monkey500,0001.5M6M20M
Sombrero Axolotl280M840M3.36B11.2B
Sombrero Corgi13M39M156M520M
Huge Sombrero Chihuahua610B732B1.83TN/A
Huge BIG Maskot140B168B420BN/A
Pinata Cat50,000150,000600,0002M
Pinata Dog100,000300,0001.2M4M
Safari Dog105M126M315MN/A
Huge Safari Dog3.2T3.84T9.6TN/A
Sombrero Cat300,000900,0003.6M12M
Sombrero Chihuahua10M30M120M400M
Huge Pinata Cat360B432B1.08TN/A
Huge Evolved Hacked Cat440B528B1.32TN/A
Huge Evolved King Cobra365B438B1.095TN/A
Huge Evolved Pterodactyl340B408B1.02TN/A
Huge Evolved Cupcake350B420B1.05TN/A
Huge Evolved Pixel Cat450B540B1.35TN/A
Huge Evolved Peacock350B420B1.05TN/A
White Balloon CorgiN/AN/AN/AN/A
White Balloon AxolotlN/AN/AN/AN/A
White Balloon DragonN/AN/AN/AN/A
Huge White Balloon Dragon255B306B765BN/A
Cool Corgi4.8B5.76B14.4BN/A
Cool Cat2.25B2.7B6.75BN/A
Cool Dragon5B6B15BN/A
Huge Cool Cat430B516B1.29TN/A
Event Egg 115BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Evolved Hell Rock320B384B960BN/A
Huge M10 PROTOTYPE350B420B1.05TN/A
Huge Kraken2T2.4T6TN/A
Huge Gecko150B180B450BN/A
Huge Rainbow Slime118B141.6B354BN/A
Huge Goblin125B150B375BN/A
Huge Machine Egg 2230BN/AN/AN/A
Quest Egg 11.5BN/AN/AN/A
Titanic Capybara19.75TN/A59.25TN/A
Titanic Lucki17.65TN/A52.95TN/A
Titanic Mystic Corgi20TN/A60TN/A
Redstone Cat2.2B2.64B6.6BN/A
Emerald Monkey3.5B4.2B10.5BN/A
Amethyst Dragon3.4B4.08B10.2BN/A
Huge Redstone Cat190B228B570BN/A
Huge Amethyst Dragon280B336B840BN/A
Exclusive Egg 12 (Crystal)35BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Easter Yeti160B192B480BN/A
Easter Dominus135M162M405MN/A
Marshmallow Agony145M174M435MN/A
Basket Bunny10,00030,000120,000400,000
Easter Angelus140M420M1.68B5.6B
Egg Chick100,000300,0001.2M4M
Spring Bee500,0001.5M6M20M
Easter Yeti11M33M132M440M
Huge Easter Dominus130B156B390BN/A
Huge Marshmallow Agony120B144B360BN/A
Huge Painted Cat116B139.2B348BN/A
Huge Easter Bunny125B150B375BN/A
Easter Gift 20232.1BN/AN/AN/A
Spring Griffin5M15M60M200M
Easter Axolotl500,0001.5M6M20M
Titanic Banana10TN/A30TN/A
Error Dog1M3M12M40M
Error Axolotl2M6M24M80M
Error Dragon5M15M60M200M
Huge Error Cat130B156B390BN/A
Titanic Blobfish150TN/A450TN/A
Purple Marshmallow Chick720M864M2.16BN/A
Huge Chef Cat136B163.2B408BN/A
Huge Kawaii Dragon220B264B660BN/A
Huge Ninja Axolotl310B372B930BN/A
Hologram Shark4.2B5.04B12.6BN/A
Hologram Tiger2.5B3B7.5BN/A
Hologram Axolotl3.3B3.96B9.9BN/A
Huge Hologram Shark190B228B570BN/A
Huge Hologram Axolotl200B240B600BN/A
Titanic Hologram Cat18.65TN/A55.95TN/A
Exclusive Egg 11 (Hologram)42BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Bread Shiba2.7T3.24T8.1TN/A
Huge Kawaii Cat250B300B750BN/A
Kawaii Cat50,000150,000600,0002M
Strawberry Cow55,000165,000660,0002.2M
Flower Panda75,000225,000900,0003M
Mushroom Fox70,000210,000840,0002.8M
Bread Shiba60,000180,000720,0002.4M
Playful Seal65,000195,000780,0002.6M
Butterfly Llama500,0001.5M6M20M
Sailor Narwhal90,000270,0001.08M3.6M
Chef Monkey750,0002.25M9M30M
Seedling Squirrel85,000255,0001.02M3.4M
Dino Bear1M3M12M40M
Cupcake Unicorn20M60M240M800M
Masked Owl500M1.5B6B20B
Clover Unicorn50M150M600M2B
Clover Fairy250,000750,0003M10M
Irish Corgi150,000450,0001.8M6M
Leprechaun Cat100,000300,0001.2M4M
Clover Axolotl5M15M60M200M
Huge Clover Dragon325B390B975BN/A
Huge Clover Unicorn190B228B570BN/A
Huge Leprechaun Cat137B164.4B411BN/A
Titanic Hippomelon175TN/A525TN/A
Huge Comet Agony460B552B1.38TN/A
Huge Comet Cyclops250B300B750BN/A
Comet Cyclops320M384M960MN/A
Titanic Dominus Astra19.35TN/A58.05TN/A
Huge Inferno Dominus270B324B810BN/A
Inferno Dominus5.4B6.48B16.2BN/A
Huge Storm Dominus225B270B675BN/A
Empyrean Dominus2.6B3.12B7.8BN/A
Storm Dominus4.5B5.4B13.5BN/A
Comet Agony530M636M1.59BN/A
Titanic Red Balloon Cat17.55TN/A52.65TN/A
Titanic Blue Balloon Cat19.55TN/A58.65TN/A
Huge Diamond Cat860B1.032T2.58TN/A
Diamond Cat7B8.4B21BN/A
Huge Love Lamb260B312B780BN/A
Huge Meebo in a Spaceship590B708B1.77TN/A
Huge Pop Cat620B744B1.86TN/A
Huge Knife Cat205B246B615BN/A
Knife Cat2.2B2.64B6.6BN/A
Clout Cat2.65B3.18B7.95BN/A
Pop Cat5.85B7.02B17.55BN/A
Huge Cupid Corgi115B138B345BN/A
Love Lion200,000600,0002.4M8M
Titanic Hubert17.35TN/A52.05TN/A
Cupid Corgi50,000150,000600,0002M
Valentine’s Bear1M3M12M40M
Valentine’s Cat150,000450,0001.8M6M
Huge Safari Cat505B606B1.515TN/A
Safari Cat110M132M330MN/A
Huge Pterodactyl113B135.6B339BN/A
Huge Chameleon250B300B750BN/A
Huge King Cobra114B136.8B342BN/A
Huge Peacock112B134.4B336BN/A
Huge Angelus5.9T7.08T17.7TN/A
Huge Orca155B186B465BN/A
Party Axolotl180M216M540MN/A
Party Panda420M504M1.26BN/A
Party Tiger310M372M930MN/A
Update Hype Gift 2 (Axolotl)4.5BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Party Axolotl215B258B645BN/A
Huge Neon Twilight Dragon870B1.044T2.61TN/A
Titanic Neon Agony22.3TN/A66.9TN/A
Titanic Balloon Monkey22.9TN/A68.7TN/A
Huge Mrs. Claws145B174B435BN/A
Titanic Jolly Cat23.8TN/A71.4TN/A
Huge Reindeer Dog325B390B975BN/A
Huge Santa Dragon390B468B1.17TN/A
Huge Santa Monkey380B456B1.14TN/A
Huge Reindeer Axolotl330B396B990BN/A
Huge Crowned Cat22T26.4T66TN/A
Huge Anime Agony870B1.044T2.61TN/A
Huge Anime Unicorn315B378B945BN/A
Huge Party Dog300B360B900BN/A
Huge Lucki360B432B1.08TN/A
Huge Neon Twilight Wolf410B492B1.23TN/A
Neon Twilight Cat3.1B3.72B9.3BN/A
Huge Inferno Cat4.1T4.92T12.3TN/A
Huge Prickly Panda870B1.044T2.61TN/A
Huge Corgi230B276B690BN/A
Huge Ducky240B288B720BN/A
Huge Cyborg Capybara720B864B2.16TN/A
Huge Capybara680B816B2.04TN/A
Huge Hell Rock101B121.2B303BN/A
Huge Sleipnir345B414B1.035TN/A
Huge Floppa295B354B885BN/A
Huge Easter Cat4.15T4.98T12.45TN/A
Huge Super Corgi290B348B870BN/A
Huge Rainbow Unicorn420B504B1.26TN/A
Huge Pony420B504B1.26TN/A
Huge Storm Agony3.6T4.32T10.8TN/A
Huge Pastel Sock Dragon330B396B990BN/A
Huge Dog290B348B870BN/A
Huge Dragon270B324B810BN/A
Huge Lucky Cat445B534B1.335TN/A
Huge Gargoyle Dragon550B660B1.65TN/A
Huge Forest Wyvern660B792B1.98TN/A
Huge Santa Paws4.05T4.86T12.15TN/A
Huge Pumpkin Cat215B258B645BN/A
Huge Grim Reaper430B516B1.29TN/A
Huge Cat6.6T7.92T19.8TN/A
Love LambN/AN/AN/AN/A
Huge Samurai Bull900B1.08T2.7TN/A
Huge Chest Mimic510B612B1.53TN/A
Huge Nightfall Wolf210B252B630BN/A
Huge Crystal Dog140B168B420BN/A
Huge Mosaic Corgi140B168B420BN/A
Huge Snowman370B444B1.11TN/A
Huge Party Cat400B480B1.2TN/A
Huge Party Crown Duck290B348B870BN/A
Huge Enchanted Deer145B174B435BN/A
Huge Dominus Lucki340B408B1.02TN/A
Huge Elf Dog148B177.6B444BN/A
Huge Elf Cat128B153.6B384BN/A
Huge Festive Cat195B234B585BN/A
Huge Balloon Cat285B342B855BN/A
Huge Scarecrow Cat150B180B450BN/A
Huge Jolly Penguin125B150B375BN/A
Huge Scary Cat117B140.4B351BN/A
Huge Scary Corgi137B164.4B411BN/A
Huge Hacked Cat160B192B480BN/A
Huge Cupcake145B174B435BN/A
Huge Pixel Cat130B156B390BN/A
Doodle Hydra1B3B12B40B
Pog Immortuus7B21B84B280B
Doodle Dolphin300M900M3.6B12B
Party Cat320M384M960MN/A
Pog Dragon3.5B10.5B42B140B
Ghoul Horse770M2.31B9.24B30.8B
Doodle Parrot130M390M1.56B5.2B
Pog Dog4B12B48B160B
Pog Cat3B9B36B120B
Scary Cat220M264M660MN/A
Scary Corgi220M264M660MN/A
Party Dragon285M342M855MN/A
Party Pig230M276M690MN/A
Doodle Agony150M450M1.8B6B
Party Dog150M180M450MN/A
M-6 Prototype77M231M924M3.08B
Blimp Dragon75M225M900M3B
M-2 Prototype73M219M876M2.92B
Dominus Alienus72M216M864M2.88B
Wyvern of Hades62M186M744M2.48B
Phantom Wolf54M162M648M2.16B
Doodle Monkey400M1.2B4.8B16B
Doodle Mouse30M90M360M1.2B
Doodle Axolotl20M60M240M800M
Lucki Dominus15M45M180M600M
Mrs. Claws15M45M180M600M
Festive Elf50M150M600M2B
Alien Parasite15M45M180M600M
Snowflake Pegasus9M27M108M360M
Rich Cat10M30M120M400M
The Easter Bunny12M36M144M480M
Galaxy Fox7.3M21.9M87.6M292M
Candycane Unicorn5M15M60M200M
Balloon Cat5M15M60M200M
Santa Paws5M15M60M200M
Sleigh Cat4M12M48M160M
Clown Cat5001,5006,00020,000
Helicopter Cat2.7M8.1M32.4M108M
Pixel Pink Slime50,000150,000600,0002M
Silver Dragon2M6M24M80M
Pixel Dino10,00030,000120,000400,000
Pastel Sock Bunny1.75M5.25M21M70M
Pastel Sock Bear1.75M5.25M21M70M
Pastel Sock Corgi1.75M5.25M21M70M
Silver Stag1.8M5.4M21.6M72M
Pixel Demon1M3M12M40M
Chocolate Bunny800,0002.4M9.6M32M
Chocolate Hippo800,0002.4M9.6M32M
Chocolate Dog800,0002.4M9.6M32M
Chocolate Frog800,0002.4M9.6M32M
Hydra Axolotl540,0001.62M6.48M21.6M
North Pole Wolf480,0001.44M5.76M19.2M
Hellish Axolotl500,0001.5M6M20M
404 Demon500,0001.5M6M20M
Midnight Axolotl230,000690,0002.76M9.2M
Nature Axolotl125,000375,0001.5M5M
Lumi Axolotl125,000375,0001.5M5M
Fancy Axolotl125,000375,0001.5M5M
Gingerbread Dragon94,000282,0001.128M3.76M
The Grim Reaper93,000279,0001.116M3.72M
Empyrean Axolotl100,000300,0001.2M4M
Glitched Immortuus100,000300,0001.2M4M
Festive Cardinal80,000240,000960,0003.2M
Cookie Mouse75,000225,000900,0003M
Chill Axolotl75,000225,000900,0003M
Camo Axolotl75,000225,000900,0003M
Gingerbread Corgi43,000129,000516,0001.72M
Star Surfer39,000117,000468,0001.56M
Pixel Wolf50,000150,000600,0002M
Pixel Dragon50,000150,000600,0002M
Hacked Cat35,000105,000420,0001.4M
Blue Fluffy34,000102,000408,0001.36M
Red Fluffy34,000102,000408,0001.36M
Festive Agony30,00090,000360,0001.2M
Candy Cane31,00093,000372,0001.24M
Gingerbread Cat31,00093,000372,0001.24M
Vampire Bat29,00087,000348,0001.16M
Astral Axolotl25,00075,000300,0001M
Storm Axolotl25,00075,000300,0001M
Ghost Cat16,00048,000192,000640,000
Hacked Raccoon16,00048,000192,000640,000
Nine Eyed Lion11,50034,500138,000460,000
Blurred Agony11,00033,000132,000440,000
Witch Cat11,00033,000132,000440,000
Glitched Phoenix15,00045,000180,000600,000
Glitched Unicorn15,00045,000180,000600,000
Festive Dragon8,70026,100104,400348,000
Pumpkin Cat8,00024,00096,000320,000
Festive Dog6,80020,40081,600272,000
Stacked Dominus6,20018,60074,400248,000
Glitched Dominus6,00018,00072,000240,000
Zombie Corgi5,90017,70070,800236,000
Scarecrow Cat4,00012,00048,000160,000
Glitched Dragon3,0009,00036,000120,000
Mechanical Spider2,7008,10032,400108,000
Meebo in a Spaceship1,7005,10020,40068,000
Glitched Cat1,7005,10020,40068,000
Glitched Dog1,7005,10020,40068,000
Sophisticated Fox1,5004,50018,00060,000
Alien Axolotl1,4004,20016,80056,000
Techno Cat9002,70010,80036,000
Steampunk Wolf8892,66710,66835,560
Zombie Bull5001,5006,00020,000
Zombie Squirrel5001,5006,00020,000
Metal Skull2507503,00010,000
Cyborg Dominus1805402,1607,200
Stacked Dog1303901,5605,200
Hound of Hades30903601,200
Empyrean Dragon82496320
Samurai Dragon51560200
Doodle Rhino5M15M60M200M
Huge Doodle Fairy140B168B420BN/A
Huge Neon Griffin260B312B780BN/A
Huge Neon Cat230B276B690BN/A
Neon Griffin3.8B4.56B11.4BN/A
Neon Dog3.7B4.44B11.1BN/A
Neon Cat2.3B2.76B6.9BN/A
Huge Doodle Cat160B192B480BN/A
Huge Squirrel160B192B480BN/A
Party Crown Elephant660M792M1.98BN/A
Party Crown Corgi460M552M1.38BN/A
Party Crown Ducky350M420M1.05BN/A
Huge Balloon Axolotl270B324B810BN/A
Huge Balloon Dragon260B312B780BN/A
Balloon Axolotl5.9B7.08B17.7BN/A
Balloon Corgi4.75B5.7B14.25BN/A
Balloon Dragon2.35B2.82B7.05BN/A
Huge Present Chest Mimic235B282B705BN/A
Huge Grinch Cat255B306B765BN/A
Present Chest Mimic1B1.2B3BN/A
Grinch Cat2.8B3.36B8.4BN/A
Elf Dog270M810M3.24B10.8B
Elf Cat260M780M3.12B10.4B
Huge Crowned Pegasus150T180T450TN/A
Huge Crowned Corgi73T87.6T219TN/A
Anime Agony6.2B7.44B18.6BN/A
Anime Monkey4.3B5.16B12.9BN/A
Anime Corgi4.3B5.16B12.9BN/A
Anime Unicorn3.8B4.56B11.4BN/A
Huge Axolotl570B684B1.71TN/A
Huge Monkey570B684B1.71TN/A
Huge Orange Balloon Cat510B612B1.53TN/A
Huge Green Balloon Cat285B342B855BN/A
Neon Twilight Dragon5.2B6.24B15.6BN/A
Neon Twilight Tiger4.1B4.92B12.3BN/A
Neon Twilight Wolf2.7B3.24B8.1BN/A
Huge Blue Balloon Cat4.5T5.4T13.5TN/A
Inferno Cat11B13.2B33BN/A
Subzero Cat10B12B30BN/A
Lightning Bat5B6B15BN/A
Prickly Panda4.5B5.4B13.5BN/A
Cyborg Capybara5.6B6.72B16.8BN/A
Super Capybara5.6B6.72B16.8BN/A
Blue BIG Maskot73B219B876B2.92T
Nightfall Pegasus5B6B15BN/A
Storm Wolf96B115.2B288BN/A
Nebula Dragon270B324B810BN/A
Domortuus Astra270B324B810BN/A
Galaxy Dragon183B219.6B549BN/A
Signature BIG Maskot150B450B1.8T6T
Galaxy Pegasus170B204B510BN/A
Dominus Darkwing190B228B570BN/A
Empyrean Agony290B348B870BN/A
Starfall Dragon6.5B7.8B19.5BN/A
Dominus Astra88B105.6B264BN/A
Chest Mimic65B78B195BN/A
Storm Dragon67B80.4B201BN/A
Electric Slime155B186B465BN/A
Nyan Cat210B252B630BN/A
Rainbow Unicorn20B24B60BN/A
Wicked Angelus98B117.6B294BN/A
Sapphire Phoenix165B198B495BN/A
Mushroom King150B180B450BN/A
Guest Noob57B68.4B171BN/A
Hell Chest Mimic73B87.6B219BN/A
Sad Cat67B80.4B201BN/A
Grumpy Cat34B40.8B102BN/A
Sock Monkey44B52.8B132BN/A
Stacked Doge Noob31B37.2B93BN/A
Storm Agony9B10.8B27BN/A
Lava Scorpion18B21.6B54BN/A
Sock Cat18B21.6B54BN/A
Wicked Empyrean Dragon7B8.4B21BN/A
Sock Corgi19B22.8B57BN/A
Lucky Cat8B9.6B24BN/A
Fairy Queen6.5B7.8B19.5BN/A
Yee-Haw Cat8B9.6B24BN/A
Sea Dragon8.5B10.2B25.5BN/A
Ice Cream Cone6B7.2B18BN/A
Super Corgi3.8B4.56B11.4BN/A
Nature Dragon6.5B7.8B19.5BN/A
Gargoyle Dragon5.5B6.6B16.5BN/A
Super Cat2.2B2.64B6.6BN/A
Rave Crab4.2B5.04B12.6BN/A
Keyboard Cat6B7.2B18BN/A
Exclusive Egg 10 (Dominus)52BN/AN/AN/A
Exclusive Egg 9 (Meme)77BN/AN/AN/A
Huge Tiedye Cat180B216B540BN/A
Huge Stunt Unicorn100B120B300BN/A
Huge Tiedye Corgi180B216B540BN/A
Huge Mosaic Griffin160B192B480BN/A

Buying & Selling Tips

Always Sell Gifts or Eggs

When you get something like a Hype Gift in the game, it is tempting to open it up to try and get the rarest pet from it. However, it is almost always the better option to sell it instead! The reason for this is because it is very unlikely you will get anything good. Which means you will end up with the most common pet, which is worth the least. Rather than do it this way, just sell your gifts or eggs and then buy the pet you wanted to get out of it eventually!

Psx Selling Gifts For Profit At Stand
Image: Try Hard Guides

For example, if you were to purchase an exclusive egg, it is usually worth around 10 billion. If you were to open the egg, you will very likely get the most common pet from it. These pets are usually worth around 1 – 2 billion. If you had just sold the egg, you’d have 10 billion diamonds, but because you opened it you lost out on a lot of profit!

Psx Exclusive Crystal Egg Example
Image: Try Hard Guides

Don’t Buy Pets When They First Release

While it’s always tempting to purchase pets when an update comes out, you are almost always better off waiting for the market to cool off a bit. Prices will be very high initially, but if you wait even a couple of hours, things will settle down and likely decrease. If you have the patience, wait for a few days before making any buys. This is especially the case with limited-time pets, which will reduce in value as more people open up eggs!

More Pet Simulator X Value Lists

That’s all you need to know about all the values in the game! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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