Pet Simulator X Summer 2023 Update Log & Patch Notes

Pet Simulator X releases an expansive summer update featuring a variety of new areas, pets, rewards, and currencies, bringing a refreshing wave of seasonal content.
Pet Simulator X Dog World Promo
Image: BIG Games

As the summer heat hits its peak, Pet Simulator X is releasing its largest-ever event, introducing an expansive array of features in its Summer Update, which goes live today. In an ongoing effort to keep the gameplay experience fresh, the creators have moved to a bi-weekly update schedule, ensuring that players always have new content to explore and new pets to unlock.

Dog World Secret Chest
Image: BIG Games

Firstly, Dog World, one of the game’s existing locations, now houses a secret area accessible via a once-locked mansion door. Inside this covert zone, players are greeted with a vibrant disco-themed space complete with oversized speakers, a large dance floor, and a DJ booth. Most notably, this secret area introduces a new, rare pet – the Huge Gamer Shiba, which, befitting its video gaming theme, sports a game controller on its head. Much like in previous secret areas, players will find their odds of unlocking the mythical, legendary, and huge pets significantly boosted.

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In addition to the Dog World addition, the Summer Update reveals an entire new world and a separate event, extending the game’s runtime considerably. At the heart of the update is a summer event that runs all season long, making it the longest event in the history of Pet Simulator X. In essence, this event mirrors the Advent calendar used in previous holiday events, providing daily rewards for players to collect.

Psx Summer Event Pass
Image: BIG Games

Among the rewards up for grabs are two new eggs, various boosts, and a novel in-game currency – Popsicle Coins. Gamers will also be excited to discover a summer-themed booth, a beach ball that can be moved around, and a hoverboard redesigned as a surfboard. At level 100, players receive the coveted Pirate Egg, offering a solid 2% chance to hatch a huge pet. This event, accessible for all players, can be repeated for Robux, allowing ambitious gamers to stack up Pirate Eggs and increase their chances of hatching the Huge Pirate Parrot, a new pet introduced in this update.

This update also presents two new areas – a new world and an event location. These areas, bustling with content, feature new eggs and pets, including the Huge Pineapple Cat. These pets, along with gold variants, have been creatively designed to fit the summer theme, with appearances such as scuba diving ducks and beach ball-wielding dolphins.

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To further the gameplay in these areas, three zones have been introduced, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. The final zone houses a significant reward – a massive molten lava rock chest that provides an abundance of Popsicle Coins. These new zones and challenges will keep players engaged and earning the new currency over the course of the event.

A noteworthy feature of the Summer Update is the Sand Castle event, available every four hours. This event presents a chance to unlock an egg with up to 50x huge pet odds, providing an enticing incentive for players to engage regularly. With the potential of multiple different odds of eggs spawning throughout the castle, teamwork and strategy will be key to maximizing rewards.

Psx Summer Stand
Image: BIG Games

Finally, the Summer Update brings a refreshing aesthetic change to the trading plaza, infusing it with a vivid summer theme. Moreover, players can now launch water balloons at each other, adding a playful element to trading interactions. This update also introduces new items like the balloon launcher, and as an added fun touch, a beach-themed chest buried under the sand.

To see how some of this stuff looks like in game, I recommend watching the following video put out by BIG Games:

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