Pet Simulator X Dog World Update Log

The latest Roblox Pet Simulator X update reveals a canine-themed expansion featuring new areas, exclusive pets, and significant gameplay changes.
Pet Simulator X Dog World Promo
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The latest update to Roblox Pet Simulator X takes players to a completely new dimension with the release of the Dog World expansion. This playful puppy-themed update adds an immersive and entertaining experience for players, as it introduces a host of new areas, pets, and gameplay features.

The Dog World update ushers in four captivating new areas for players to explore – Dog Park, Dog City, Dog Firehouse, and Dog Mansion. Players can access Dog World via Limbo, provided they’ve previously unlocked Kawaii World, setting the stage for an exciting adventure in this canine-themed universe.

In addition to the new locations, the update introduces 17 new pets.

Psx Dog World Pets
Image: BIG Games

The Dog World update further adds three new types of dog eggs, each with golden variants. The final Dog Egg even offers players the opportunity to hatch the Huge Firefighter Dalmatian. Furthermore, in hardcore mode, players can hatch the Huge Basketball Retriever from this egg.

The Dog Mansion area introduces the Giant Dog Chest, an intriguing feature that players can break open to acquire an abundance of the Cartoon Currency, using their newly acquired Dog pets. Moreover, the update brings a unique pet known as the ‘Hot Dooooog‘, potentially the rarest pet in the game, which players can hatch from any egg in Dog World.

The update also introduces NIGHTMARE pets, featuring the brand-new TITANIC Nightmare Cat and two new HUGE pets – the HUGE Nightmare Kraken and HUGE Nightmare Spirit. You can also get the Nightmare Spirit, Nightmare Bear, and Nightmare Kraken.

Pet Simulator X Nightmare Egg
Image: BIG Games

Aside from introducing new pets and locations, the update also brings several changes to the game. Significant adjustments include the addition of a claim-all button in the Dark Matter machine, an auto player teleport to the booth after using the search terminal, and the ability to auction exclusive pets.

Additionally, there are changes in the pricing of in-game items and services, like nerfing the auction fee from 5% to 1% and reducing quest shop prices, alongside a 10x increase in the VIP diamond reward.

The update also makes amendments to the game interface, such as adding a way to view non-indexed pets on the egg billboard popup and fixing various bugs for an enhanced gaming experience.

In addition to these enhancements, Roblox Pet Simulator X‘s Dog World update presents a range of terminal changes for improved functionality and user experience. These include the ability to add eggs and gifts to the search and view more details on the three monitors. It also offers improvements to search, display, and sorting features, as well as several fixes to enhance the machine’s usability.

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