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PLS Donate Best Text Options – Phrases to get Donations!

If you're wondering what to put on your sign in PLS Donate, we have some suggestion on text and strategies!
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PLS Donate is a game that allows you to claim stands and make Robux by having clothing or gamepasses for other players to purchase. While these aren’t of much value, generous players can give out Robux to players that might not have any themselves. If you want to know what kind of phrases you can use to encourage other people to donate to you, we’ll be listing some in this guide.

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PLS Donate Best Text

If you’re wondering what you should type into your booth to encourage players to donate, you should try a wide-variety of different things. There is no one great universal option, but we’ll give you some strategies you can try!

Some basic best donate text would be some of the following:

  • PLS Donate Me
  • Trying to Save for Game/Item
  • Goal of X Robux

If you want to go a bit further, try some of these strategies out:

Be Funny or Creative

One way to illicit some Robux is to try and be a bit funny. While this is on the darker side of humor, this player’s text is “PLS Donate Me For My Operation” and they’ve even got themselves as a sad avatar with a wheelchair.

Pls Donate Example Image

Here’s another humorous example of mentioning to pay your taxes by donating Robux:

Pls Donate Funny Example Image

Have a Goal

One good way to encourage donations is to have a goal that you are close to obtaining. If you have 0 Raised Robux, say you have a goal of 10 Robux. Once you receive the 10 Robux, change the color to 20 or 25. You can also say you’re saving up for a certain thing and then list what it is. One player was trying to get enough Robux to purchase Bloxburg!

Spruce Up Your Sign

If you want to standout from the crowd, then make sure you have some custom text and colors on your booth. You can do this by changing the color and font, which can be done with HTML code. Try to figure out a color scheme and some unique font to really set yourself out from the crowd.

I wouldn’t go to the full extent of purchasing a new stand or anything, you don’t want to come across as having a ton of Robux already!

Do a Poll

A poll of something new or what players might care about is a pretty good way to encourage some donations.

Pls Donate Poll Example Image

Stay in the Game

The longer you are in the game, the more chance you have to get donations. So setup your booth and then use an auto-clicker to keep you logged in. Leave it running for as long as you aren’t at your device, and hopefully you’ll catch some donations!

Those are all of the best text options for PLS Donate. Be sure to head to the Roblox section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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