Research Assistant Pursuit Walkthrough in Dredge

If you need to know how to complete the Research Assistant pursuit, we have a detailed walk through for you!
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Dredge is an exploration game where players captain a fishing trawler to explore remote islands and their surrounding depths. With over 125 deep-sea denizens to discover, players must sell their catch to the locals and complete quests to learn more about each area’s troubled past while being aware of the fog that cloaks the night-time seas. If you need to know how to complete the Research Assistant pursuit, we have a detailed walk through for you!

Research Assistant Pursuit Walkthrough

The Research Assistant Pursuit is part of the main storyline and available during Chapter 3. You will find and interact with the Researcher on the Old Fortress in Stellar Basin. She will ask you to collect three different fish, but they require fishing equipment suitable to fishing in Abyssal waters.

Thankfully, the Researcher tells you where to find this equipment, which is at the Abandoned Research Outpost located in the northeastern portion of the Stellar Basin. You’ll set sail to this area, collect it by selecting “Inspect the equipment on the table” upon arrival, and then return to the Researcher, who will create a Sampling Device that you’ll be able to install that enables you to fish in Abyssal waters.

Now that you can fish Abyssal waters, you can head out to catch a Glowing Octopus, which is only fishable at night; a Firefly Squid, which only appears at night and requires a Trawl Net; and lastly, an Aurora Jellyfish, which also appears at night and can be fished using a Trawl Net. Then, return to the Research Assistant to compete the Pursuit.

Map Dredge Stellar Basin

Pursuits are hard to miss during the game as they tend to flow alongside the natural progression through the game’s main story, but there are some that are better to complete than others since their rewards are worth it.

It is important to have a range of fishing rods and catching equipment in order to bring in a diverse catch each time you take your boat out. For example, you will come across different depths of water just leaving the starting area (The Greater Marrows) on your very first expedition from shallow to coastal. Since one of the primary goals is to sell fish and maximize your profits, being able to fish all possible areas you encounter will improve the profits from your catch.

You’ll also need to research special equipment and upgrade your boat’s capabilities in order to catch rarer fish and more valuable, deep-sea curios and hidden treasures. Selling these discoveries to the locals can also lead to learning more about each area and upgrading the boat to reach even more secluded locations.

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