Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Launches with New Agent, Team Deathmatch Mode, & Progression System update

Valorant Patch 7.0 arrives with Episode 7 Act 1, introducing a new Agent, Team Deathmatch Mode, and the Progression System update.
Valorant 7 0 Team Deathmatch
Image: Riot Games

Today, Riot Games launched Episode 7 Act 1 of the hit first-person tactical hero shooter, Valorant, as part of Patch 7.0. This exciting new season brings a host of fresh content, including a new Agent as well as several updates and features.

One of the highlights of Patch 7.0 is the introduction of Deadlock, the latest Sentinel Agent in Valorant. Equipped with the nanowire technology, Deadlock employs an array of cutting-edge tools to secure the battlefield from even the most lethal assault.

Using Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor (Q), players can monitor and concusses an area if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise from enemies were detected. With her Barrier Mesh (E), players will be to generate barriers that can block character movement. Deadlock’s Gravnet (C) detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly. Deadlock’s ult, Annihilation (X), allows her to equip a Nanowire Accelerator which unleashes a pulse of nanowires that captures and cocoons the first enemy it comes into contact with. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will be eliminated if they reach the end unless they are freed.

Aside from the introduction of Deadlock, Valorant Patch 7.0 also unveils a new game mode known as Team Deathmatch. Unlike the traditional Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch pits two 5-player teams against each other in intense combat in one of the three new maps. In this mode, there are four timed stages without econ and players will respawn every 1.5 seconds. The team that gets 100 kills first wins.

Another notable update of Patch 7.0 is the new Progression System. Designed to provide a more rewarding gameplay experience, this new system features an overhauled daily rewards structure. Players now earn both XP and Kingdom Credits, a newly introduced free currency, which can be used to unlock various free items. As part of the new Progression System, an Agent Recruitment event is introduced to ensure players never miss out on activating a new Agent Contract again. These free event passes automatically activate on the same day a new Agent is released, remaining active for a few weeks.

Furthermore, with the new Progression System, players now have the option to directly purchase Agent Gear and Accessories using Credits. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Credits they acquire can be used to purchase items from the Accessory Store, which offers previously released battle pass Accessories.

Patch 7.0 also addresses several known issues, which you can learn more about on the official website for Valorant.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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