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Roblox Anime Warriors closing temporarily

It looks like Roblox Anime Warriors will be heading back to the drawing board as they will be closing down the game temporarily to revamp it.
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Roblox Anime Warriors came out recently to quite a bit of hype. It seemed like a game that would be the successor to Anime Mania, which has since lost its popularity. However, the launch was fairly riddled with bugs and the game felt relatively unfinished and unpolished. This assessment appears to be shared by the developers at BlockZone because they will be closing the game to rework it!

Here is the statement that was made by Nyxun on the Anime Warriors Discord:

After some consideration, the development team of Anime Warriors has decided to do a complete revamp of the game. We realized the game did not meet the expectations of both the players and especially the developers. In the testing phase, the game was not tested thoroughly which resulted in a buggy, laggy, unbalanced, and an overall unfinished product. During the revamp, we will be closing the game starting 8/27/21. We’re planning on reworking the character system, combat, mobs, missions, and adding more to the game including a variety of different game modes, PVP, and other content. This action is necessary for the game as we want to put our best efforts into the development and display a game that can be enjoyable and replayable for every single player. The AW development team cares deeply for the game and we want to present you with a game that’s created to the best of our capabilities. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. PLAYER DATA WILL NOT BE RESET.

From Nyxun on the Anime Warriors Discord

While the game has some bright spots, unfortunately there were a lot of lingering bugs and issues overall. A lot of players experienced lag, and the game just wasn’t tested enough. A lot of the issues seemed to stem from the game being released too soon, and needing another coat of polish.

We are happy to see that the developers at Anime Warriors take these things seriously, because hopefully they everything will be fixed up nicely in the revamp. If you’ve spent money on the game, you won’t lose your progress, so you’ll just need to wait for it to be released again.

There is no scheduled date for when Anime Warriors will return to Roblox, but the statement alludes to it taking as long as three weeks. When it comes to development, you never know how long things might take, so don’t be surprised if that timeframe gets stretched out further!

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