Roblox BedWars Commands List – Custom Match & Chat!

We have a full list of the commands you can use in a custom match or in general chat for Roblox BedWars!
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Custom matches in Roblox BedWars are a fun way to play the game because you can customizes aspects of it to suit how you and your friends might want to play. This can increase your enjoyment or just speed things up a bit so you can get yourself decked out in full gear. If you’re wondering how to use these commands and what they are, we’ll be going over all of them in detail with this guide!

BedWars Commands Guide

All commands in Roblox BedWars are done in the chat window of the game. This can be opened by clicking on the chat icon at the top left of the screen or pressing the “/” key on your keyboard. You must include the “/” with your command when you enter it or it will not work.

If a command has parenthesis then it is expecting you to input the parameter listed. For example, if it says “(player)” you would add the player’s display name or username in place: /tp example_player. X represents a number, you need to replace it with the amount you would like.

Credit to this command list posted by DV Plays for some help with the commands. Use CTRL + F on your keyboard with the name of the command you are looking for to find them more easily!

Custom Match Commands List

  • /setac enabled – Use this command to enable anti-cheat
  • /setac disabled – Use this command to disable anti-cheat
  • /void – Use this command to teleport you to the Void
  • /bedwars – Use this command to return you to the BedWars lobby
  • /Islands – Use this command to take you to Roblox Islands
  • /setTeam (player | @all | @team:(team_name)) (team_name) – Use this command to set the team of a player or players.
  • /setHealth (player | @all | @team:(color) | @s) (health) – Use this command to set the health of a player, players, or a whole team.
  • /disaster (“meteors” | “void_rise” | “toxic_rain” | “tornado”) – Use this command to manually trigger one of the natural disasters.
  • /give (player) (@all) (@team: team_color) (item) (item amount) – Use this command to give another player, all players, or a specific team an item.
  • /sethealthregen (player) (regen_amount) – Use this command to set the health regeneration for a specific player.
  • /cohost all – Use this command to grant cohost permissions to all players.
  • /enchant (enchantmentname_level – e.g., /enchant static_3) – Use this command to grant the enchantment you specify to the player. Place an underscore (_) after the name and then the level number you’d like to give.
  • /tp (player) – Teleports the player to the username or display name entered.
    • /tp (target_players) (destination_player) – You can teleport other players to a certain player.
  • /tpall – Teleports all players to the user
  • /tpbed (Ex. /tpbed red) – Teleports you to the specific bed team color you name in the command.
  • /spawn (item name) (amount) – Spawns an item with an amount based on your input. We have a list of the items you can spawn below.
  • /announce (message) – Announces the message in a popup window that shows up on the screen of all the players that are in the Custom Match.
  • /kick (player) – This command is used to kick a player out of your Custom Match. You can’t use their Display Name, you can only use their Roblox Username. This can be found by clicking on their name in the player list.
  • /setgeneratormultiplier (amount) – Will increase or decrease the speed of the Iron, Diamond, and Emerald generator. The number 1 is the default speed, 2 is double the speed, and you can use -inf to max out the speed.
  • /blacklistItem (item name) – Prevents the named item from being purchased in the Item Shop. Once this is done you can’t enable it again until you start a new Custom Game, so only do it if you are sure.
  • /disablekit (kit name) – Disables the named kit from being used in the current Custom Match. Once you’ve disabled a kit in the match you won’t be able to allow it back until you’ve created a new Custom Match.
  • /setdeathmatchtime (seconds) – Sets the amount of time you want for your Custom Match before the Sudden Death mode sets in.
  • /togglespawn (item name) (true/false) – Allows or disallows the spawning of a certain item in the game. True will spawn the item and false will disable the item.
  • /luckyairdrop – Using this command will spawn a Lucky Block Airdrop at a random area on the current map.

Chat Commands List

  • /hub – Returns you to the Roblox BedWars Hub, where you can join different games, purchase kits, and start a new custom game. If you are already in the hub, you will be teleported to a new server.


  • /enchant life_steal_2
  • /enchant critical_strike_1
  • /enchant critical_strike_3
  • /enchant execute_3
  • /enchant clingy_2
  • /enchant fire_1
  • /enchant fire_2
  • /enchant fire_3
  • /enchant void_3
  • /enchant plunder_2
  • /enchant shield_gen_1
  • /enchant shield_gen_2
  • /enchant shield_gen_3
  • /enchant anti_knockback_2
  • /enchant updraft_2
  • /enchant rapid_regen_1
  • /enchant rapid_regen_2
  • /enchant rapid_regen_3
  • /enchant static_1
  • /enchant static_2
  • /enchant static_3

Spawn Armor Items

  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn juggernaut_helmet
  • /spawn juggernaut_chestplate
  • /spawn juggernaut_boots
  • /spawn diamond_boots
  • /spawn diamond_chestplate
  • /spawn diamond_helmet
  • /spawn emerald_boots
  • /spawn emerald_chestplate
  • /spawn emerald_helmet
  • /spawn iron_boots
  • /spawn iron_chestplate
  • /spawn iron_helmet
  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn jump_boots
  • /spawn leather_boots
  • /spawn leather_chestplate
  • /spawn leather_helmet
  • /spawn speed_boots
  • /spawn warrior_boots
  • /spawn warrior_chestplate
  • /spawn warrior_helmet

Spawn Ammo Items

  • /spawn carrot_rocket
  • /spawn boba_pearl
  • /spawn arrow X
  • /spawn firework_arrow
  • /spawn rocket_launcher_missile X

Spawn Block Items

  • /spawn slime_block
  • /spawn bedrock
  • /spawn andesite
  • /spawn andesite_polished
  • /spawn diorite
  • /spawn diorite_polished
  • /spawn granite
  • /spawn granite_polished
  • /spawn apple X
  • /spawn bed X
  • /spawn birch_log X
  • /spawn wood_plank_birch
  • /spawn clay_black
  • /spawn ceramic X
  • /spawn clay_blue
  • /spawn brick X
  • /spawn clay
  • /spawn cobblestone X
  • /spawn concrete_green
  • /spawn fisherman_coral X
  • /spawn clay_dark_brown
  • /spawn clay_dark_green
  • /spawn diamond_block X
  • /spawn dirt X
  • /spawn emerald_block X
  • /spawn glass X
  • /spawn grass X
  • /spawn clay_gray
  • /spawn hickory_log
  • /spawn ice X
  • /spawn clay_light_brown
  • /spawn clay_light_green
  • /spawn wood_plank_maple
  • /spawn marble X
  • /spawn marble_pillar X
  • /spawn oak_log
  • /spawn wood_plank_oak
  • /spawn obsidian X
  • /spawn clay_orange
  • /spawn clay_pink
  • /spawn clay_purple
  • /spawn clay_red
  • /spawn red_sandstone
  • /spawn sand X
  • /spawn slate_brick
  • /spawn smoke_block X
  • /spawn snow X
  • /spawn spruce_log
  • /spawn wood_plank_spruce
  • /spawn stone X
  • /spawn stone_brick X
  • /spawn stone_slab
  • /spawn clay_tan
  • /spawn clay_white
  • /spawn wool_blue
  • /spawn wool_cyan
  • /spawn wool_green
  • /spawn wool_orange
  • /spawn wool_pink
  • /spawn wool_purple
  • /spawn wool_red
  • /spawn wool_white
  • /spawn wool_yellow
  • /spawn clay_yellow

Spawn Consumable Items

  • /spawn apple X
  • /spawn pie X

Spawn Currency

  • /spawn diamond X
  • /spawn emerald X
  • /spawn iron X

Spawn Lucky Blocks

  • /spawn lucky_block
  • /spawn lucky_block_trap
  • /spawn purple_lucky_block X

Spawn Miscellaneous Items

  • /spawn void_turret
  • /spawn void_turret_tablet
  • /spawn void_crystal
  • /spawn void_portal
  • /spawn damage_banner
  • /spawn defense_banner
  • /spawn heal_banner
  • /spawn minicopter
  • /spawn drone
  • /spawn grappling_hook
  • /spawn teleport_block
  • /spawn brewing_cauldron
  • /spawn stone_player_block
  • /spawn turtle_shell
  • /spawn vending_machine
  • /spawn crook
  • /spawn flower
  • /spawn thorns
  • /spawn mushrooms
  • /airdrop juggernaut
  • /spawn miner_pickaxe
  • /spawn clone
  • /spawn break_speed_axolotl
  • /spawn damage_axolotl X
  • /spawn shield_axolotl X
  • /spawn health_regen_axolotl_X
  • /spawn balloon X
  • /spawn bee X
  • /spawn beehive X
  • /spawn broken_enchant_table
  • /spawn hammer
  • /spawn cannon
  • /spawn carrot_seeds X
  • /spawn cauldron
  • /spawn charge_shield
  • /spawn chest
  • /spawn duck_spawn_egg
  • /spawn watering_can
  • /spawn ember X
  • /spawn enchant_table
  • /spawn fishing_rod
  • /spawn guided_missile X
  • /spawn guitar
  • /spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad X
  • /spawn hang_glider
  • /spawn shield
  • /spawn jade_hammer
  • /spawn juggernaut_crate X
  • /spawn melon X
  • /spawn melon_seeds X
  • /spawn telepearl X
  • /spawn personal_chest
  • /spawn raven X
  • /spawn stopwatch X
  • /spawn tablet
  • /spawn camera_turret
  • /spawn zipline X
  • /spawn big_shield

Spawn Potion Items

  • /spawn big_head_potion
  • /spawn time_bomb_potion
  • /spawn poison_splash_potion
  • /spawn heal_splash_potion
  • /spawn sleep_splash_potion
  • /spawn forcefield_potion
  • /spawn giant_potion
  • /spawn invisibility_potion
  • /spawn jump_potion
  • /spawn mini_shield
  • /spawn smoke_bomb
  • /spawn speed_potion
  • /spawn shrink_potion

Spawn Throwable Items

  • /spawn large_rock
  • /spawn black_hole_bomb
  • /spawn throwable_bridge
  • /spawn fireball X
  • /spawn frosted_snowball
  • /spawn heat_seeking_rock X
  • /spawn impulse_grenade
  • /spawn lasso X
  • /spawn oil_consumable X
  • /spawn santa_bomb
  • /spawn smoke_grenade
  • /spawn snowball X
  • /spawn spear X
  • /spawn spirit X
  • /spawn robbery_ball
  • /spawn swap_ball
  • /spawn throwing_knife X

Spawn Tool Items

  • /spawn grapple_hook
  • /spawn metal_detector
  • /spawn portal_gun
  • /spawn bee_net
  • /spawn diamond_axe
  • /spawn diamond_pickaxe
  • /spawn iron_axe
  • /spawn iron_pickaxe
  • /spawn shears
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn wood_axe
  • /spawn wood_pickaxe

Spawn Trap Items

  • /spawn banana_peel X
  • /spawn popup_cube
  • /spawn tesla_trap X
  • /spawn snap_trap X

Spawn Weapon Items

  • /spawn void_sword
  • /spawn player_vacuum
  • /spawn infernal_saber
  • /spawn light_sword
  • /spawn big_wooden_sword
  • /spawn boba_blaster
  • /spawn frying_pan
  • /spawn invisible_landmine
  • /spawn bear_claws
  • /spawn paint_shotgun
  • /spawn carrot_cannon
  • /spawn mass_hammer
  • /spawn double_edge_sword
  • /spawn baguette
  • /spawn baseball_bat
  • /spawn battle_axe
  • /spawn wood_bow
  • /spawn wood_crossbow
  • /spawn diamond_dao
  • /spawn diamond_sword
  • /spawn emerald_dao
  • /spawn emerald_sword
  • /spawn flamethrower
  • /spawn vacuum
  • /spawn big_wood_sword
  • /spawn golden_bow
  • /spawn ice_sword
  • /spawn iron_dao
  • /spawn iron_sword
  • /spawn knockback_fish
  • /spawn rageblade
  • /spawn rocket_launcher
  • /spawn scythe
  • /spawn stone_dao
  • /spawn stone_sword
  • /spawn tactical_crossbow
  • /spawn taser
  • /spawn tnt X
  • /spawn twirlblade
  • /spawn feather_bow
  • /spawn void_axe
  • /spawn wizard_staff
  • /spawn wood_dao
  • /spawn wood_sword

World Spawns

Using the “inf” modifier will crash your game with these commands, so don’t use it.

  • /spawn beeless_entity X
  • /spawn monster X
  • /spawn bee_entity X
  • /spawn dodo_entity X
  • /spawn duck_entity X
  • /spawn ghost X
  • /spawn beeless_entity X
  • /spawn monster X
  • /spawn spirit_entity X

Those are all of the commands for Roblox BedWars that you should know when playing a Custom Match or while chatting in the game. Find more details about the experience in the BedWars section of our website!

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  1. Bacon

    What a useful thing


    no void rock yet?


    (Old Void Armor)
    /spawn juggernaut_helmet
    /spawn juggernaut_chestplate
    /spawn juggernaut_boots
    /spawn void_turret
    /spawn void_turret_tablet
    /setac enabled (enables anti-cheat)
    /setac disabled (disables anti-cheat)

    Im happy 2 help 😉

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks!

    2. ????

      what is void turret?

  4. ????

    why is there no pants?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Yeah, why?

  5. Era

    Why does it not work on mobile? I cannot use them on mobile.

  6. shadow_playz

    how do u spawn star collector health stars

  7. A Bedwars Nerd

    You Can Do /void To Go To The Void Early
    But You Need INF Health To Survive If You Go Earlier

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  8. Musa Alashaar

    this is an op thing you do in a public game get no kit and then get 8 diamonds and get /enchant static_3 or /enchant static_2 or /enchant static_1 with a diamond sword

  9. ????

    did you know that void armer* is worse then emarald* armer*? *sorry i can’t spell*

    1. Musa Alashaar

      /spawn void_boots
      /spawn void_chestplate
      /spawn void_helmet
      /spawn emerald_boots
      /spawn emerald_chestplate
      /spawn emerald_helmet here you go

  10. bacon

    new commads
    /bedwars (you can go back bedwars lobby)
    /Islands you can go Islands games

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  11. NOOB

    what happens when i spawn 60 dodo?


      When you spawn 60 dodo? you get 60 dodo obiously


    New items with the void update!
    “/spawn void_sword”
    /spawn void_crystal”
    /spawn void_portal”
    Also void armor now looks different

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  13. oof

    how do i spawn a hoverboard

    1. Musa Alashaar

      you cant spawn a hoverboard only at lucky block

  14. musa alashaar

    yo Shaun I want to learn how to be pro

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Okay, sounds good.

      1. Musa alashaar

        but how at like the public game I am a trash can you help me out man your the hero man

      2. Musa alashaar

        an it’s at iPad 8th apple so how it’s in mobile please help me out, man

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          I have no idea, I don’t really play the game, I just report on it.

          1. Musa

            why I was thinking you are good at the game?

          2. Shaun Savage (Admin)

            I have no idea.

          3. Musa Alashaar

            1v1 me were going to see tomorrow ok at 5:00 let’s see fi your good i only go 4 wins

          4. Shaun Savage (Admin)

            I’m not good and never said I was. I just said I only report on the game, so why would I want to 1v1 with you?

  15. Dishes

    can u spawn sheep from the sheep herder kit?

    1. Musa Alashaar

      no you can only at the lucky block or if you have the kit you buy the eggs and then a sheep comes out and the lucky block is rare to get for the sheep

  16. Musa Alashaar

    yo Shaun can you spawn a drone

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t know.

  17. Musa Alashaar

    Yo Shaun can I add you in Roblox pleas my account name is Musa_Musa6

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Sorry, I don’t add people to my account.

      1. Musa Alashaar

        ok sorry to bother you


    Secret item that might be Vanessa’s bow: /spawn feather_bow! It does the same damage as a regular bow though.

    1. Musa Alashaar

      yeah its like the damage

  19. sutacselif

    could you perhaps add the all brand new player launcher? it’s spawned like this: /spawn player_launcher X . thanks, in advance.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      The command is “/spawn player_vacuum” not player_launcher.

  20. Omar!

    Thanks for the commands

  21. LEO

    it ALL worked tysm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. CLIPPA

    can u add the bow that does tripple shot and is it possible to become a kit in cutoms

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Anyone know this command?

      1. Musa Alashaar

        it’s not added to the game so sorry man or he can get a crossbow and enchant_fire 3 it will be strong only if you want one shot it is enchant_static 3 or you can get /spawn portal_gun inf or /spawn player_vacum inf or /spawn inf ernal_saber or /spawn light_sowrd with enchant_static 3 that’s op here my tip bro tell him that

  23. eggy

    plz add new vulcan’s new weapon because i don’t know what is the command

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Which weapon is that?

      1. Musa Alashaar

        he wants the vacuum the new item you can kill them fast

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Okay, it has been added. Thanks!

          Command is /spawn player_vacuum

  24. Musa Alashaar

    how to get the new kit sword and how to get the light sword

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      They are listed under weapons aren’t they?

  25. eggy

    plz put /spawn clone in World Spawns
    bc it will be quite easier for people.


    what is the spawn command for carrot cannon ammo?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s /spawn carrot_rocket, I’ve added it to the list.

  27. eggy

    what is /spawn big_shield? plz fix if this is a error
    or not

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Fixed, thanks.

      1. eggy



    what does the X mark mean


      also what is spawn command for carrot cannon ammo?

    2. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It is explained in the post, “X represents a number, you need to replace it with the amount you would like.”



  29. Saviour

    The command for that demon kit and the luman kit command is

    /spawn infernal_saber /spawn light_sword

    if you want to give to other people in one command heres the command

    /give @a infernal_saber /give @a light_srowd

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  30. Jo_ohn

    ember sword and light sword?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Here they are thanks to another commenter: /spawn infernal_saber /spawn light_sword

  31. salmonfungus

    the /spawn axolotl_(any colour) command gives you the axolotl but you cant use it, any fix?

  32. Yfjcfutcgfyijfycfgykfhxt

    How to talk to system using chat??

    1. Musa Alashaar

      /e system

      1. Saviour

        or just spam eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in chat it say wait for 11 secs then do a command like /spawn emerald_dao youll get the item but it say wait for like 5 sec but YOU STILL GET THE ITEM

        1. Musa Alashaar

          cap even on not your private cap for capper L

  33. Musa Alashaar

    yo guys I have a troll say /bedwars and then your team will get out all even you lol and i have one more it is /prohunt

  34. Gameking

    Thx I will use this on my bro

  35. Question

    What is the command for banners

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’ve added them now, but these are the commands:

      /spawn damage_banner
      /spawn defense_banner
      /spawn heal_banner

  36. suggestion

    forgotten commands:
    /spawn minicopter X
    /spawn big_wooden_sword
    /spawn slime_block X

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  37. JAVINATOR0811

    how can you spawn a helicopter uhh i mean minicopter

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Here you go: /spawn minicopter

  38. Javinator0811

    What is the command for drones?

    1. pure

      Im guessing “/spawn drone” and then add the amount you want.

  39. me

    can u spawn sheep for sheep herder???

    1. bacon


  40. random person

    What is the command for disabling health regeneration?

    1. III

      /spawn dodo_entity inf is the way it goes

    2. elelelnoob

      the command is /sethealthregen (name) 0

  41. ali_00y

    I didn’t know all the blocks thanks for telling me all of them!

  42. sssssss

    what is the command for teleport portal

  43. Aakif_Zulfikri

    Hey add /spawn metal_detector X

  44. Musa Alashaar

    yourrrrrrrrrrrrr theeeeeeeee bestttttttttt howwwwww doooooo iiiiiiii spawnnnnnnnnn void helenment and porutal gun and ivible landime inf amd black hole and a lot

    1. Aakif_Zulfikri

      /spawn invisible_landmine X

  45. thecheatingnoob

    yes you the best

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)



    How to get portal gun and landmine?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added landmine, couldn’t find portal gun.

      1. Aakif_Zulfikri

        /spawn portal_gun

      2. Aakif_Zulfikri

        Theres also another type of teleporting /spawn teleport_block X

  47. Musa Alashaar

    how do I get a black hole and void helmet

  48. Musa Alashaar

    how to get that black hole gets from your stominkien a YouTuber id it in the daycare they made a daycare for kids a guy that has doumious his channel name Telanthric

    1. dum dum

      very good commands

  49. Musa Alashaar

    you can’t spawn the hoverboard you need lucky blocks or lucky purple blocks just say /spawn lucky block inf or /spawn luck block purple inf


      is /spawn purple_lucky_block

  50. Musa Alshaar

    how to get the wood sword but it’s tail

  51. Kylio07

    how do i spawn hoverboard

  52. dwefsdgrtdrhtsrj

    how do i use system chat in custom?

    1. Musa Alashaar

      /e system

    2. no one

      /c system

  53. i'm a banana

    how do i spawn the lucky machine what you have to pay 8 emeralds to got a random item in lucky block mode?


      /spawn vending_machine

  54. toll

    this dosent help me

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      This comment doesn’t help me figure out why this post doesn’t help you.

  55. archiver

    how do u equip axalotols

    1. Elektrik

      you don’t need to once you buy it automatically equips it

      1. nono

        while we spawn axalotols it automaticly equip?

  56. Noob

    How Do You Set Hp To Like Example Inf?

    1. Noob

      Cause i’ve seen it like people used inf hp in custom modes

      1. Joemama

        You go in the host panel and press players then type any amont of healt u want beside ur name

        1. NOOB

          thank you

  57. alex

    how to be a moderator here i actually know all commands

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Websites don’t have moderators.


        I think it means, your an admin, he wants to be one.

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Either way, it ain’t going to happen.

  58. alex

    i don’t know how to get dodo

    1. Obilvion

      bro its /spawn dodo_entity

  59. alex

    yo guys I know one hit he dies in Roblox bedwars i well show it /spawn_basebal


    How do you hide the commands inside of bedwars?

    1. SAMPlayz_YT

      /c system


        Thank you <3


          Wait, it didnt work. I couldn’t talk in the channel.

  61. kingjay12

    this was so helpful

  62. Cheez it

    This is super useful thank you for making this

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem!


    How do you spawn sheep?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s not available, as far as I know.

  64. SuperT

    How do you kill someone in 1 shot?

    1. Cheez it

      Try all of the enchants all at once that is how

      1. ????


    2. Musa Alashaar

      it is /spawn baseball_bat

  65. nono

    There are my favorite purple lucky blocks and i really wanted to learn how to do it thx tryhardguides

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem.

  66. Gan RU de

    Can you tell us the command how to spawn inf emerald or diamond or Iron and other inf stuff

    1. Misterjzk

      /spawn iron inf /spawn diamond inf /spawn emerald inf

  67. Ethanc115

    I legit spawned 9999 dodo bird and guess what?
    all the dodo bird started their running animation then they legit went through a wall and later
    all of them were in the running animation and they were just moving in mid air

  68. Tom

    dont spawn over 50 entitys

  69. Ronblox

    Thank u so much i am a noobie now i even can fight tanqr

    1. kingjay12

      you cant

    2. Kevindab101

      Not possible, TanqR can beat hackers. He is just that goated.

    3. ????

      you can if your the mach creater you can change your hp to inf ha

  70. magnet

    is there a command where you can make just one person co-host?

    1. noobietanqr121

      u just have to go to the host panel and click on players, click become co-host

      1. Aakif_Zulfikri

        Type /cohost all ( Only Host Can Do This )

  71. Nicolas

    I cant spawn the ghost for gompy’s vacuum to work in my custom matches with friends

    1. ethanc115

      gompys ghost can only spawn if you are using the kit

      1. nono

        Actually you can just spawn ghost with “/spawn ghost X” command and for vacuum u can use “/spawn vacuum X”

  72. Hi

    Did you know there is another item called the melon?
    Just say /spawn melon X

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added, thanks.

  73. Lisa

    Thank you very much for the commands will use this web again

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem, glad you found it helpful!

      1. nono

        Shaun savage is the best

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


  74. maxkingbanana

    omg this thanks

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem, hope it helps.

  75. The guy

    Some times i say the command wrong. like sometimes, i say /spawn knockback_bread insead of baguet

    1. NinjaInvasion

      Thank you this helped with my game play so much and I was spelling the commands wrong so it really helps

  76. RblxPlayerCode

    i tried the /enchant command but it didnt work on a custom match game made by me

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’d have to see what the rest of the command you typed in looked like.

    2. ethanc115

      you type /enchant fire_3 I think

  77. d


    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Stop with your cringe comments, they aren’t funny.

      1. nono


  78. Soli

    Thx so much for helping it really improved my gaming skills

    1. Aakif_Zulfikri

      Gaming skills?

  79. earvin

    I love this game even though I think u guy should add void rageblade or custom rageblades like fire ice or earth that would be very game changing and cool

    1. ????

      i think its going to be void blades

  80. Gabe Itches

    hey what command makes me go to next match

    1. robloxBedwarsfan

      you have to do /lobby or /hub

  81. Shaun Savage (Admin)

    I’m not sure that command exists?

    1. RobloxBedwarsFan

      there actually is you have to do /give (persons name) (What you want to give them)

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        Yeah, there is now… it was just added recently.

  82. HUNTER64


    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)


      1. Johnny

        This helped so much! Thank you!

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          No problem!

  83. TheRealBed

    THX, these commands helped me a lot

  84. Z

    What about commands for speeding up your genorator? i’ve seen someone do it.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      That’s the “/setgeneratormultiplier” command.

      1. foot

        where is the spawn command bruh

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          It’s on the list, bruh.

          1. HussBuzzMuzz

            yes exactly

          2. ali_lolz

            Why are there a lot of items

          3. Shaun Savage (Admin)

            Because there are.

      2. ali_lolz

        also why do you need emails

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          So I can contact people personally if a greater issue arises.

  85. YouCantKnowItSrry


    1. bugsbunny69

      do you know a command that you can type anything but they can not see it [not /team]

      1. dont ask my name

        /c system

        1. Cristfofeerer

          When I type in system channel is says command are disabled

          1. Musa Alashaar

            because you are not in a private map lol get lost