Roblox BedWars Lyla Kit update log and patch notes

The latest Roblox BedWars update introduces new map mechanics, balance changes, free kits of the week, and other improvements.
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The Roblox BedWars Lyla Kit update has brought exciting changes for players, with the introduction of new features and numerous balance adjustments. The update includes the Rose Bow, a unique weapon that replaces the standard bow for the Lyla character. Upon shooting an enemy twice, a flower blooms on their head, attracting a swarm of bees to attack them.

This update has also replaced the Break Speed team upgrade with the Destruction team upgrade. The new upgrade scales both block break speed and explosion power for a more dynamic gaming experience. In addition, the early game tax on shared iron in 5v5 matches has been increased, and iron armor is now weaker, resulting in a nerf to the Jugg character.

Changes to the mining mechanics have been implemented as well. The Mining team upgrade has been removed, and ore drops now scale over the game duration. Furthermore, games now start with two iron ores. The update also features the Free Kits of the Week, which include Trinity, Melody, Farmer Cletus, and Star Collector Stella (level 20).

Balance changes have been made to several kits, such as Adetunde, Flora, Merchant Marco, Whim, and Vanessa. These adjustments include tweaks to attack speeds, armor penetration, item discounts, and more. Moreover, bounty payouts have been reduced, and vertical knockback for the Blossom Knockback Charm has been decreased from 1.5 to 1.3.

The update also introduces a weekly contribution column to the clans’ member list and addresses an issue with light blocks not emitting light on map load. Additionally, custom match commands have been added, including /remesh, //copy, //paste, //rotate, and //move, offering players more control over their custom match maps.

Check out our BedWars Commands List post to learn all of the commands available in the game! You can find all of the official patch notes from the Discord below.


Your bow is replaced with the Rose Bow! Shooting an enemy twice will bloom a flower on their head, attracting a swarm of bees!

Destruction Team Upgrade

The Break Speed team upgrade was replaced with Destruction. This now scales both your block break speed and explosion power.

Jugg Nerfs

  • The new early game tax on shared iron in 5v5 is more severe and iron armor is weaker.

Mining Changes

  • Deleted Mining team upgrade
  • Ore drops will now scale over game duration
  • Game starts with 2 iron ores

Free Kits of The Week

  • Trinity
  • Melody
  • Farmer Cletus
  • Star Collector Stella (lv 20)

Balance Changes


  • Adetunde
    • Attack speed level 1: 0.35 → 0.3
    • Attack speed level 2: 0.3 → 0.27
  • Flora
    • Seeking bee armor pen: 20% → 25%
  • Merchant Marco
    • Discounted items: 7 → 8
    • Silver tier discounts: 15% → 20% refund
  • Whim
    • Tome only spawns around mid
    • Tome spawn interval: 5m → 3m
    • Speed of upgraded spells: 80 → 100
  • Vanessa
    • Crossbow multi shot charge time: 1.3 → 1.6
    • Bow multi shot charge time: .8 → 1


  • Bounties
    • Bounty payouts reduced

Map Mechanics

  • Blossom Knockback Charm
    • Vertical knockback: 1.5 → 1.3

Other Changes

  • Added weekly contribution column to clans member list
  • Fixed light blocks not emitting light on map load
  • Custom match commands
  • /remesh (Optimizes your custom match map by meshing together similar blocks)
  • //copy, //paste, //rotate, //move

Be sure to head over to the Roblox BedWars page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website. 

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