Roblox BedWars New Update: Pirate Davey Kit, Balloons & More!

The new update to Roblox BedWars brings a new kit, balloons, and the solo queue to the game!
Featured Roblox Bedwars Solos Balloons Update Image

A big new update has been added to Roblox BedWars that adds the new Pirate Davey kit to the game! This patch also includes the addition of the limited-time item Balloons, which will allow you to float over your enemies and get the drop on them. There’s also the new solo queue, so you don’t have to rely on your teammates to protect your bed!

The new Pirate Davey kit can be purchased for 399 Robux, and includes the ability to purchase a cannon. You can place this down on the ground, and insert TNT into it to fire it from a distance at your enemy. This can be quite powerful if you can get your teammates to cover you while you fire down on your opponent’s base!

The limited time balloon item is a pretty powerful addition to the game. You can stack up to three balloons to float yourself across the map to drop down TNT onto the enemy’s base, or just to get the drop on another team. You will need to pop a balloon or two to make it back down safely, so be careful of archers trying to take you out!

You will find all of the additional parts of this update in the patch notes below!

BedWars New Update Patch Notes

Pirate Davey kit: Use a TNT Cannon to bombard your enemies!
Limited Time Item: Balloons!
Balloons tip: You can drop tnt from the sky
Added stats board to the Lobby
Added tracking for “Final Kills” (kills that eliminate a player with no bed)
Reduced price of TNT (45 iron -> 35 iron)
Reduced price of Blastproof Ceramic (25 iron -> 18 iron)

Sourced from the BedWars Discord

These fixes were added after the initial patch was released:

[nerf] Reduced balloon max lifetime (45s -> 35s)
[nerf] Increased balloon bundle cost (1 emerald -> 2 emeralds)
[buff] Increased TNT damage to enemies by 25%
Fixed TNT not breaking blocks

Sourced from the BedWars Discord

That’s everything we know about the new BedWars Solos, Balloons, and TNT Cannon update! We’ve got additional content in the BedWars section of our site. Be sure to also check out our full list of all the kits you can get in BedWars!

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