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Roblox BedWars Smoke Kit Update Patch Notes

Roblox BedWars has released a new update that brings the Smoke Kit to the game!
Roblox BedWars Smoke Kit Update Patch Notes Featured Image

Roblox BedWars has received the new Smoke Kit and Vanessa Skin update on January 14th, 2022! This release allows you to get yourself the new Smoke kit and the new Vanessa skin if you want to dress up your character before taking it into battle. There’s some new emotes to collect, free kits to try, along with some balance and map changes. You can find all of the details of the update in the patch notes below!

The Smoke Kit can only be obtained from leveling up to 25 on the paid Battle Pass of Season 3!

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BedWars Smoke Kit Update Patch Notes


New Kit: Smoke

  • We’ve added the long-awaited level 25 battle bass kit: Smoke
  • Smoke uses stealth to sneak attack players and hide in plain sight.
  • Buy a smoke bomb to temporarily disappear from sight, but beware you also can’t interact with the map.
  • Purchase smoke blocks from the shop to obscure your location. Smoke blocks allow you to walk and shoot through but no one can see through.

New Skin: Demon Empress Vanessa

  • You can now buy the all-new Demon Empress Vanessa Skin. This skin includes special bow and crossbow item skins.

NEW: Emotes

  • Emotes are our new system for expressing yourself during the game
  • Emotes have replaced the old spray system. All your existing sprays have been converted into emotes.
  • This new system allows us to add many more cool emotes in the future and allows you to taunt your opponent more easily.

Free Kits of the Week

  • Grim Reaper
  • Shielder
  • Builder

Balance Changes

  • Reduced Telepearl price (2 emerald → 1 emerald)
  • Reduced Fireball price (90 iron → 75 iron)

Map Changes

  • Added Checkmate (Squads)
  • Added Military Base (Squads)
  • Added Swamp (Squads)
  • Re-added Candyland (Squads)
  • Added Swamp (Doubles)
  • Re-added Candyland (Doubles)

That’s everything you need to know about the new update that was released for Roblox BedWars. Find more details about the experience in the BedWars section of our website!

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  1. Bedwars pro

    This is very helpful

  2. PKM

    If you already have Vanessa, do you have to pay the full price for the upgrade? Or only half?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You can only purchase the new skin if you have the Vanessa kit. So, you have to pay full price for the skin itself.