Rockstar ‘Don’t Have the Resources’ for PC Port At Launch Says Former Developer

A former Rockstar developer claims that part of the reason GTA VI won't get a PC port at launch is because Rockstar lacks the resources, and we've got the details here!
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Grand Theft Auto fans want to see Grand Theft Auto 6 already, but we all know that the PC version won’t release simultaneously as the console games. While the game is confirmed for consoles, Rockstar has not mentioned a Steam or PC launch. This has led to speculation and concern among PC gamers, but PC Games N was able to get some information from a former Rockstar Developer.

According to their article, Mike York, who worked on Grand Theft Auto 5, explained that PC versions are often treated as “less of a priority” by studios like Rockstar. It may sound strange, but he gave a list of many reasons, including prioritizing sales on consoles and the challenges of developing for a diverse PC hardware landscape. Several reasons were discussed in an article we wrote, so we have been proven right on many counts.

York said that Rockstar traditionally focuses on PlayStation first, considering it the platform with the highest potential for sales. In his memory of the development of GTA 5, the PS3 received the majority of the team’s energy and optimization efforts, leaving the PC version feeling “unpolished” in comparison.

Another challenge, according to York, is the sheer variety of PC hardware configurations. Unlike consoles, which offer a standardized environment, PCs come in countless combinations of components. This makes testing and optimization far more complex for developers. This is bad and good. He pointed out that the flexibility of PC hardware lets developers push the boundaries and implement enhancements like higher character counts, denser environments, and better optimization for high-end systems.

York believes that studios prioritize console development due to limited resources, despite the potential benefits. He explains that studios “don’t have the manpower” to dedicate separate teams to each platform simultaneously. Instead, they focus on consoles first to maximize return on investment, leaving the PC version as a later concern.

“If they had a huge team, they’d just have one team work on the PC, one team work on the Xbox, and the whole time they’d be trying to optimize all three versions… But it just doesn’t work that way. We don’t have the money, we don’t have the resources, we don’t have the manpower. So we just prioritize what’s best for the company’s money. So let’s put all our money into the PlayStation, then the Xbox, then the PC.”

Mike York

This last statement doesn’t feel true to the landscape today. York may have been there for the development of GTAV, but a lot happened after the release. They gained a lot of money, billions even, and they continue to gain much more over their Shark cards. Rockstar making GTAV is not the Rockstar making GTA VI. They don’t lack resources by any stretch of the imagination because they’ve gained a lot of money within that time.

Rockstar could likely choose not to have the resources, be careful with money, and continue the same development process that has always made them great games. Part of that process comes with limitations that they have always had. They probably know that a PC game is more profitable later because you can add more. The lack of a PC port still feels wrong, though, because Rockstar is a huge company backed by an even bigger publisher.

Still, we’ll have to wait for a PC port regardless.

Jorge A. Aguilar

Jorge A. Aguilar

Jorge A. Aguilar, also known as Aggy, is the current Assigning Editor.

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  1. Vincero

    Back in PS3 and Xbox360 days that argument maybe had some validity, but since PS4 and Xbox one onwards are essentially cut down PC platforms, they are overwhelmingly likely to be developing on x86 PCs anyway for target devices that are x86 consoles or PCs.

    “Diversity of equipment” isn’t really that difficult – assuming that they have been developing the game since 2015 they could have purposely held back hardware from that era onwards to test with – no need to go looking for older hardware now.
    For the millions they make they sure do make it sound like they are up against an impossible challenge where in reality other smaller devs seem to manage just fine.

    I suspect another likely reason is that it’s easy to restrict the experience and exposure to the software on a console Vs a PC, so they have less concern about assets being hacked or flaws in the game engine being exposed.

    I’ll only believe that they really are optimising it for PC if they go out of their way to make it just about playable on say 10 year old hardware which was good for the time like early DirectX11 GPUs and CPUs that that may not even support AVX… I suspect that is unlikely though and what they really mean is just “Nvidia and AMD keep selling new GT 1030s and RX 6300s and we have no way of making them play well”…
    Sure thing they want to not repeat a Cyberpunk2077 release problem but plenty of time to figure out a base line.

  2. TellMeAnother

    They only made a bajillian dollars from gta5 and online.

  3. A filthy Pirate

    All this does is push resentment with the PC market and increase piracy, this is a really dumb move.

    But whatever, free videogame.

  4. nvidiana

    lol, current rockstar developer here, no. Of course we have the resources- in fact, the PC port is usually done along side the xbox version for what should be obvious reasons. This is just another exclusivity deal/marketing double-dip. Rockstar wants your money, and Rockstar will GET your money, whether you like it or not. You know it, I know it.

  5. John

    Yeah. B.S. Gta V cost ~200million to make. Lets say they spent 800million on ads for it and extra cost. 1 billion. Theyve made 7billion profit, and continue to make hundreds of millions off of subscriptions and in game purchases online. They dont have to release on PC because they dont feel like it, not because they dont have the resources. Clown