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Shindo Life Bloodline Balances (Week 2) Update live!

Shindo Life has just released update 40 that brings significant balancing to the many bloodlines that are in the game!
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The developers of Shindo Life have been hard at work rebalancing the game in the past weeks. This is the second run through of changes that they are making to Bloodlines, that should make things more even and help anything that is overpowered or in need of a fix!

If you’re curious what has been updated take a look at the official update notes below. You can also get yourself some free spins by heading to our Shindo Life Codes page.

Bloodline Balance Week 2 Update Notes

White Lightning Third move damage FIX.
Rykan Shizen second move (Wood Sleep stun) Damage FIX.
Rykan Shizen 1000 Hand Buddha damage increase.
Golden Jokei trigrams move slight damage reduction.
Golden Jokei air palm [Block breaker removed | Slight damage increase to make up for it].
Tengoku Second move block breaker removed.
Tengoku C spec block breaker removed.
Tengoku 1st move upgraded (Block Breaker).
Karma Nimbus Damage FIX. • Karma Obelisk Damage Increase.
Karma Haze Damage FIX.
Akuma 1st Move Revamp (Copy move replaced) | First move swapped out to the Third move.
Ember Chi Blade Range reduced.
Karma Ember Hitbox FIX.
Yuki Ice C spec [NEW]
Dokei Blood Dragon Handsign reduction.
Sabaku Flight FIXED (Takes a slight bit of mode per tick now).
Less Handsigns on Sabaku Coffin (3 Handsigns).
Sabaku Coffin stun time reduced (3 seconds).
Slight Handsign reduction on Sabaku wave (3 Handsigns).
Chi requirement reduction on gold dust storm (Reduced to 25,000)
Global Cooldown removed from gold dust storm with Sabaku Coffin.
Electro Blade color change/damage FIX.

From the Shindo Life Discord

That’s everything you need to know about the Shindo Life update! If you want to play the game for yourself, you can play the game via the Roblox website.

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