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Shindo Life New Update: November 2021 v.112 Patch Notes

We're taking a look at all of the details on the Shindo Life big update that was released on November 28th, 2021!
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Shindo Life has released a big new update on November 28th, 2021. This release brings a variety of new bug fixes and updates to the game. Story missions have been replaced by Boss missions. You will fight in the boss missions, and you will hopefully obtain their companions afterwards! There’s You can find all of the details from the patch below.

There’s some free spins to get, so be sure to check out our Shindo Life Codes page! We also have a countdown list for all of the Shindo Life Items Spawns.

Be sure to check out this video for more explanation on some of the details in this update:

Shindo Life Late November Update Patch Notes

  • Senko: Spirit Bomb take chi
  • Senko: Storm take chi
  • Minakaze Q spec void glitch
  • Narumaki Barrage damage fix
  • Ice Shuriken double/triple hitting fix
  • 8 gates z6 mode spec and rasen shuriken rush glitch fix
  • Spirit Bomb Rush Shuriken lag delay fix
  • Fixed Move Stacking with Raion Rengoku 1st ability
  • By using 8 gates z6 mode spec and rasen shuriken rush you can bug a player and make them stack on the air.
  • Some Companions having infinite HP fix
  • Using a C spec and Senko’s first ability or Riser’s 2nd ability allows the user to be able to use their C spec twice fix
  • Ghost Korashi Knock Back
  • Tyn Beast Staff (new staff)
  • Visual Fixes with Tyn Tails (SL1)
  • Demon Warp Spawn Stuck glitch fix
  • giovani / jotaro 2nd move remake
  • giovani / jotaro 3rd move remake
  • Borumaki 1st move re:patch
  • Patch Clone being affect by genjutsu which in turn affects you
  • Shindai Ren yang mode up m1 glitch
  • Deva Sengoku/Rengoku c spec gravity fix
  • Infinite Team Air Combo fix
  • Demon Death Infinite Mode glitch
  • paper 3rd move damage fix
  • bankai/riser c spec damage fix
  • pika senko 3rd move damage fix
  • forged rengoku q spec damage fix
  • All Fate Stage 2 Z Spec damage fix
  • Okami C Spec damage fix
  • Demon Warp damage buff
  • Kerada 2nd move damage fix
  • Rykan Shizen 2nd move damage fix
  • Shindai Rengoku/Yang 2nd move damage buff
  • Jokei Q Spec buff
  • Lava 3rd move damage buff
  • Boil 2nd move damage buff
  • Eastwood Korashi 1st move damage buff
  • Kokotsu 2nd move damage buff
  • Smoke 2nd move damage buff
  • Crystal 3rd move damage buff
  • Xeno Dokei 1st move damage buff
  • Xeno Dokei C spec damage fix
  • Azarashi 3rd move damage buff
  • Rengoku 3rd move damage buff
  • Saberu Surprise damage buff
  • 39 New Boss Mission System
  • Minakaze Companion (BOSS DROP)
  • Magma Spirit Bomb Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Spirit Bomb Clones Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Water Style Jet Cannon Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Earth Style Rock Fist Rush Slam Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Ryuji’s Nunchucks (BOSS DROP)
  • Doku Tengoku
  • Doku Scorpion (TL SKIN)
  • New Main Menu Voice Acting + Narumaki
  • Ember Rising remastered
  • Body Replacement mid combo m1 dodge
  • Bruce Kenichi Dragon throw Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Shiver Dimension Lightning Blade Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Riser Akuma Eternal Genjutsu Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Spriti Bomb Toss & Spirit Bomb Rush effects redo
  • Menza Azarashi Chain Seal Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Odin Twin Lightning Wolfs Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Satori Inferno Shuriken Rush Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Bankai Inferno Shuriken Toss Subjutsu (BOSS DROP)
  • Dio Senko Azure (TL SKIN)
  • Dio Senko 2nd stage (BOSS DROP)
  • Max Cash Cap: 50 Million
  • Max RC Cap: 500k
  • Body Replacement Subjutsu technique
  • Bankai Inferno 1st move
  • Riser Inferno 1st move
  • Vanishing Image Subjutsu technique

Patch notes are from the Shindo Life Official Trello!

That’s everything that was updated and fixed in the new Shindo Life Late November Update! We have more details on the game in the Shindo Life section of our website.

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