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Slayers Unleashed All Slayer Marks List – Every Rarity!

If you're wondering what all of the Slayer Marks are in Slayers Unleashed then we've got a full list and what perks they will give you!
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In an update to Roblox Slayers Unleashed, you now have the ability to obtain different Slayer Marks for your character. These will boost your power when your character goes under a certain amount of health. This is meant as a way to help get you out of a bad situation when things aren’t going your way. There’s a variety of these to get, and some are rarer and more powerful than the others. We’ll tell you all about them in this guide!

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Slayers Unleashed Slayer Marks List

  • Tomioka (40% Chance) – Increases Water Breathing Damage
  • Shinazugawa (26% Chance) – Increases Wind Breathing Damage
  • Kanroji (20% Chance) – Increases Love Breathing Damage
  • Tokito (12% Chance) – Increases Mist Breathing Damage
  • Kamado (2% Chance) – Increases Sun Breathing Damage (?)

Your Slayer Mark will only activate when you go below 30% health. It will last for two minutes, and it has a 10 minute cooldown before it can be used again. It increases your damage output by 10%, health regeneration, and sprint speed. Some of the marks will increase the damage of your breathing ability.

If your Clan and Slayer Mark match, you will get an additional 10% overall damage bonus while the mark is active!

If you’re Hybrid, you get a nerfed version of Slayer Marks, which is 2x weaker.

You can reroll your Slayer Mark by using a code or by paying with Robux.

That’s everything we know about Slayer Marks in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. We’ll update this post with additional information as more are released, and update any bonuses if they are changed or added in the future!

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  1. foni

    i got dark thunder breathing but theres no mark

    so if i get any mark will it help me if im low still?

  2. KillerReaper

    This did not answer my question really my question is what level will my my kamala mark stay permanent on my face without me activating it in other words ig how do I let it stay on my face and what lvl will it appear on my face when not activated sorry if I don’t make any sense lol

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s a list of Slayer Marks, it wasn’t intended to answer that question.

  3. Boiwhatthe

    I have Tsugikumi with shin mark and hybrid with blood sickle and water breathing is this good?

    1. Jockey Johngali JOJO

      well yes, tsugikuni op, i dunno wats a shin mark, hyrbrid good, blood sickle good, and water breathing is… a common one


        shin mark is shinazugawa

        1. Freezing Hot

          water breathing is caca
          change it to a better breath

  4. Appoll0SK

    what breathing is the best for kamado clan and kamado mark

    1. fel

      Sun breathing, water breathing

    2. Jockey Johngali JOJO

      have you read it? It increases sun breathing damage

  5. Karma

    I have kamado clan and kamado mark and water breathing is that a good setup

    1. d

      water is trash you can get codes to change breathing

  6. averageknyenjoyer

    i have kamado clan, kamado mark, and frost breathing. Is that set-up good?

    1. Ashai



    why there is so few slayer marks ? i got Shinazugawa but thunder breath and agatsuma clan

  8. slayer of demons

    how do i activate slayer mark as a human?

    1. slayer of demons

      nvm found out

  9. vov

    got tsugikuni after 5 accounts

    1. pablo

      it took me 3 trys

      1. heheha

        it took me one

  10. KEN

    how can I activate my mark. Im hybrid

    1. Spoder Man

      u just gotta get low and i will activate in an emergency

      1. amongus

        and level 300

  11. caping

    what cani grind on im lvl 133

    1. poggerman

      get to level 150 and grind zenitsu

  12. dssa

    i have kamado mark so is it good

  13. We don't talk about bruno

    How do I active the slayers mark? ( I am a hybird )

    1. yes

      it auto activates after lvl 300 i think

      1. e

        no when you become like blue around you thats when

    2. Kewl un

      If you have kamado clan yes if you dont no

  14. Amogus kid backward

    I have hybird and tokito clan/mark with Mist and Douma, How do I get Moon breathing?

    1. Swon

      You need to have tsugikuni clan or tokito clan and fight kokushibou to get moon

  15. Yessir.colol

    I got tsuguniki clan and ka ma do mark and moon and flower breathing 🙂 I gotmoon 1st try and I got haori with it

  16. Tanjiro Kamado

    Or instead stay hybrid and get different slayer mark

  17. Infinite

    I got kamado 2nd try lol I have sun and sound breathing (u can have 2 breathing when u unlock sun u still keep ur current breathing)

  18. moonfan

    is there a moon one

    1. Kokushibo

      Yes there is one now if this was a previous comment

  19. Giyuu fan

    I got kamado first or third try lol

  20. Todoroki_shoto283878

    got tsugikuni clan first try

  21. ???

    I have Kamado Mark, Kamado clan and i am close to get Sun Breath(now i have flame one)

  22. ???

    Why isn’t there a mark for beast

  23. Name is not Fel

    I have tokito clan, kamado slayer mark… i wished i had moon or sun breathing tho

  24. Lala Land

    I got Kamado mark twice on accident without realising its the rarest one- I’m tsugikuni clan and hybrid bruh-

  25. EaEa

    I dislike slayer marks .-.

  26. question man

    what level to activate slayr mark

    1. MONA


  27. coolgamergod146

    i have kamado clan and kamado slayer mark on my alt account

  28. Jake72’

    Is there an Agatsuma one

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t believe so.

  29. bruh

    i have tsugukuni clan and kamado slayer mark and ima hybird too

    1. leo

      I am Kamado clan and a manado slayer mark and I am also hybird

      1. sussy boy

        Dude- Become a human and get sun if you have that

  30. Pain

    Is there a level requirement because no matter how many times I hop servers I cant use it when I get below 30% hp

    1. hidden

      the level requirement is 300

    2. breh

      yes u need level 300

  31. levi

    i have the flame breathing with the kamado well it still work?

    1. Josh


  32. Dragonextempist

    Am sad because I have tsugikuni,hybrid and got kamado slayer mark E

    1. Pp

      It works for sun tho why are u sad?

      1. TheRealOne

        same i am tsugikuni hyrbid and with kamado slayer mark

    2. bruh

      same but i had kamado clan before

  33. King KD

    I have Kamado clan and mark but I’m a hybrid so its kinda useless to me

  34. bruv

    I just got the 12% 3 times in a row

    1. MohammedAvdol

      i got kamado first try

      1. Gaming


        1. TheRealOne

          got kamado second try but it doesn’t work

  35. idk

    i got kamado just using 3 code

  36. padre_mendigo

    i have clan kamado sun breathing and water breathing sun haori and kamado mark PERFECT

  37. bruh man

    i got kanroji

    1. bruh man


  38. seal

    I have the Kamado mark and I have mist breathing will the mark be useless to me?

    1. Wysteria

      Unless you get Sun Breathing, yes. It’s a final hurrah kind of damage buff to help you do as much damage with the breathing associated with it. That’s all it is honestly.

  39. Smitty_

    Is Kanroji a clan that is rollable? I have rolled a lot and not gotten it, and I cant seem to find it on any website.

    1. JuregJonas

      Yes it is, it’s just hard to get with so many clans in the game.

    2. sad

      yeh it is

    3. bruh man

      it can be roll