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Slayers Unleashed All Clans List – Every Rarity!

If you're wondering what all of the clans are in Slayers Unleashed then we've got a full list and what perks they will give you!
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If you’re looking to become the most powerful character in Roblox Slayer Unleashed then you’re going to need to have the right clan for the breathing technique you decide to use. There are a variety of different clans you can become, but some are more rare than others. We’ll take a look at all of the available clans in the game in this post.

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In the list below, you will find all of the currently available clans. The list goes from the most common to the rarest clan. If you aren’t happy with the clan you have you can always reroll it with a code or by paying 75 Robux.

You can find all of the rarities for abilities in the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Rarity List post! We also have a post for all of the Slayer Marks.

Slayers Unleashed Clans List

  • NEW: Kibutsuji Clan (1% Chance) – 2x XP, increases health regeneration by 30%, increases Muzan BDA damage by 20%
  • Himejima Clan (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, Boosts Stone Breathing damage by 15% and health regeneration by 25%
  • Kanroji Clan (?? Chance) – Increases damage when using Love moves
  • Tomioka Clan (60% Chance) – 1.2x Damage when using Water moves
  • Urokodaki Clan (40% Chance) – Gets a free Tengu Mask in their inventory (Coming Soon)
  • Agatsuma Clan (20% Chance) – 1.3x Damage when using Thunder Moves
  • Kocho Clan (15% Chance) – 1.6x Damage when using Insect Moves, but does half the damage when using a sword or during normal combat
  • Hashibira Clan (10% Chance) – 1.3x Damage using Beast Moves + extra 5% on Stamina
  • Uzui Clan (6% Chance) – Buffs damage to Sound Breathing
  • Iguro Clan (5% Chance) – Increases the damage over time of the Venom effect by 25%
  • Rengoku Clan (5% Chance) – 1.3x Damage using Flame Moves + 10% on Health
  • Tsuyuri Clan (5% Chance) – Buffs damage to Flower Breathing
  • Shinazugawa Clan (2% Chance) – 1.3x Damage using Wind + 10% damage on Sword Combat
  • Tokito Clan (2%) – 1.3x Damage using Mist, Extra Stamina, Increased Running Speed, +50% chance to get Moon Breathing
  • Kamado Clan (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, +10% Damage, can use Sun Breathing
  • Tsugikuni (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, +10% Damage, +85% chance to get Moon Breathing

That’s everything we know about the clans in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. We’ll update this post with additional information as more are released, and update any bonuses if they are changed or added in the future!

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  1. Hasagi_00

    Does Zenitsu’s katana boost dark thunder dmg too?

  2. I don't want to make nickname

    got kamado slayer mark easily but can’t get tsugikuni

  3. nothing

    if I have moon breathing and I go back to human to get sun breathing do I still have moon breathing

    1. hi

      I don’t think so because u require hybrid to be moon breather

  4. LIl Willy

    I got Kamado 2nd try without wanting it i was tryna get tokito clan lol im so happy

  5. agaboga

    i got kamado clan and mark first try

  6. lol

    its easy to get kamado or tsugukuni if you use codes

    1. Cyrus

      where can i find the codes bro

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)
  7. Midnight_Plays

    Can i still get 100 percent for sun breathing if im Tsugikuni clan

    1. E Jefferson


  8. moneky the noob

    i used all the codes that were available and i got uzui at last D:

    1. BasicallyNoWon

      same D:

  9. kanroji

    i got kanroji

    1. Heheheha

      I got kamado first try

  10. jacksel[_]


    1. Kokushibou

      lol i got tsugikuni on my first try

      1. idk


      2. Yoriichi

        i did not even have to roll on both accounts cause i am so damn lucky i got tsugikuni in my hybrid account and kamado in my slayers acccount

  11. boss drop

    i cant use sun breating even tho i got kamado it says can use sun breating

    1. accelerator

      you need to get it first by beating the quest and you can only be human

  12. boss drop

    i wonder why i never get a drop drom the boss

  13. Yoriich1

    Thank you for this.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem!

  14. Ree kid

    why are the codes not working for xbox?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      They should work, but why are you commenting on this post?

      1. Ree kid

        idk i just wanted to know why there not working there not working for me at all

  15. a guy

    how have I dont at least 60 codes but not get tsugikuni at all?! >:C

    1. jacksel[_]

      i got tsugikuni 3rd try.?

  16. Ollie

    om what is KochÕ, cause i got it and now im confused

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Kocho is on the list, it buffs insect moves.

  17. kai

    i got tokito clan and i used all the codes and still aint get moon why is that

    1. random bean

      becuse you gotta fight kokushibou

  18. mrcranezs

    does agatsuma clan work with dark thunder

    1. Lusa


  19. Sheki

    i have kamado clan, and i beat yoruichi 4 times, but i still cant unlock sun breathing. Why is that?

    1. bruh

      Maybe it was just a bug, it’ll probably get fixed soon

      1. Drip

        Something like that happened to me everytime i get drops it wont apear in my inventory and all the exp i get dont lvl me up and i cant use any codes and everytime i go to bosses or new servers i always have to buy the moves for sun breathing and flame breathing again and again

    2. oxi yo

      don’t claim the quest on the left, wait in the server after it says you got sun breathing. then you can get it 🙂

  20. bruh

    bro i got kamado instead of tsugikuni i am eternally upset

    1. my luck is good and bad

      i got tsugikuni and my race is not hybrid im more upset

      1. lun ar


      2. BasicallyNoWon

        i was preparing to get tsugikuni thats why i got hybrid but i got kamado on the last code 🙁

  21. caca

    Im very confused because yoriichi invented sun breathing but instead of geting a higher chance for sun he gets a higher chance for moon and hes a tsugikuni, so I that tsugikuni should have a added 50 percent to moon and 50 percent to sun since yoriichi’s brother invented moon

    1. BasicallyNoWon

      mitchikatsu(kokushibo) is also a tsugikuni so they’re probably referring ro mitchikatsu instead of yoriichi

  22. PEEB

    I have the kamado clan but i cant equip or unlock any of the skill in it

    1. caca

      You have to beat yoriichi and you have to be lvl 150 to fight him,you will find tanjiro in sagiri mountains so ask him and he will take you to yoriichi, hes a very hard boss.

      1. Sheki

        i did that but i still couldnt unlock sun breathing, after i defeated yourichi it said “you have mastered sun breathing” but i still cant use it.

        1. xt_whxx

          its because today is the update same with me i got sun haori and im actually very very mad cause it didnt sshow up in my inv

  23. lilbruce

    i got kamado and spining for sun breathing but i didnt get it

    1. caca

      You dont spin you have to reaach level 150 and be human to fight yoriichi and if you beat him there is a 100 percent chance you will get sun breathing.

  24. EnmuMugen

    i get the kamado clan and dont get the sun breathing

    1. caca

      You have to reach level 150 and fight yoriichi, and beat him

  25. BeeP

    I have Tokito clan and slayer mark and mist breathing, should i risk and try to get Kamado clan for sun breathing?

    1. bruh


      1. jabari

        help me get komado clan

        1. lun ar

          you cant help getting breathing, clan, and marks..

  26. xx_master

    is it possible to have sun and moon at the same time

    1. caca


  27. the blank

    if i change my clan will i still have sun breathing?

    1. Haydeeeeeenio


  28. joemama1234xd

    i beat kokushibou and then when i got moon breathing it didnt change my current breathing which is water. this also happened when i got his haori; it didnt show up in my inventory after i got it.

    1. Reaper

      When you defeat Kokushibou Moon breathing won’t replace your current breathing you’ll just have two breathings and a bda

  29. Divinity

    Can I be Kamado and Hybrid at the same time? will I keep my clan if I swap? also will I keep Sun Breathe.

    1. Reaper

      You can’t be Kamado and be a hybrid with sun breathing since sun breathing can effect hybrid like how it would effect demons. Your clan will stay the same if you spin your race but if you become a demon or hybrid you won’t have sun anymore.

  30. personwhoplaysthegame

    For sun breathing do you need kamado clan or can I get sun breathing without it

    1. Joe

      You need kamado for a 100% chance of getting it if u don’t have have that it a 10% or 5% they change thing alot.

  31. NotVegan

    do u need to be a hybrid to get tsugukuni

    1. caca


  32. estic

    wait what is “kanroji”?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I added it now, it increases damage to love moves. We don’t know the rarity percentage.

  33. Blue Boi

    bro i got moon clan killed moon boss and didnt get moon like bruh im the 15percent who cant get it

    1. hahhahaa

      i did it 7 times and didnt get it

  34. Cookie

    what about the kanroji clan is that rare

    1. Reaper

      Yea kinda but you need love breathing for it to actually have a use

  35. jimmy

    is kanroji good i spun it

    1. BickBoi


    2. Reaper

      It is if you have love breathing

  36. WarHelicopter

    my friend somehow got kanroji clan what happened xd

    1. skorchyy

      yo i got kanroji too

      1. verysussss

        i got it too but its no displayed on rarity

  37. Smitty_

    Does Agatsuma power up Dark Thunder too? Or is it just normal Thunder?

    1. lun ar

      it only powers up normal not dark

  38. gggggg

    how many spins does it usually take to get kamado

    1. HiddenGem

      i got it on my 2nd try on my main it depends on luck i think…..

  39. War Helicopter

    My Tsugikuni clan does not give 2x xp it gives 20% more xp so you should change that

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I would need someone to confirm this! How do you see the buff that the clan gives you?

      1. AAA

        the log gives 12 exp the rock give 36 exp as tsugikuni the log gives 6 exp for any clan that does not have an exp boost

  40. Kashima_

    should i get tsugikuni if im a hybrid?

    1. King

      You need hybird to even fight the boss so yes.

  41. War Helicopter

    You forgot since the black lightning update there’s now the kanroji clan which gives 1.3 more damage for love (not released yet) and gives boost in stamina

    1. War Helicopter

      It’ll be out in the next update so look out for that

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        I will keep a lookout for it!

  42. tokyoboy103

    can we get kamado in spin if we are a hybrid?

    1. Iejdhdudeh

      Yes you just won’t be able to use sun breathing to use sun you need to be human

  43. WarHelicopter

    Does hybrid give 100% or does tsugikuni does bc I have tsugikuni and hybrid

    1. lun ar

      tsugikuni gives you 85% to get moon, hybrid just makes you able to get moon breathing.

  44. Blue Boi

    By the way if you have hybrid moon is 100percent

    1. jordan

      no its not i beat him and didnt get it and im hybrid

      1. King

        Do you really think that? Cause u need hybird to fight him anyway if you have his clan then u will have a 85 or 100 percent chance of getting you do not just need hybird.

  45. Roblox=lo_fred

    Hi isent upper moon one moon breathing user techaclly in kamado faimly because he was born in it so why ya had to make clan for moon breathing second of all will hybird be allowed to have sun breathing kamado one?

    1. mhmhmh

      Kokoshibou’s last name is Tsugikuni and he uses moon breathing

    2. AnimeHades

      No the upper moon one is not apart of the kamado family he’s brother taught the ancestors of tanjiro the ways of the sun breathing and they promised to pass it down through they’re family in the form of the dance

    3. King

      He has his own clan he wasn’t born into the kamado clan…

  46. tyreese

    for tomiaka clan why not put his dead calm move

    1. King

      Mad facts

  47. Resosw

    When is sun breathing coming out?

    1. SpacemanJC

      as of writing, 1 day 17 hours left.

      1. Brhhhh

        When’s moon breaking comes my out?

        1. Kashima_

          rn ts 1 day and 14 hours left

  48. Ray

    What about tokito clan?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Added now, sorry about that!

  49. Floryn

    how to use sun breathing in demon unleashed??

    1. Kudi💊

      It’s not out yet

  50. Kokody3

    Whats rarity tokito clan?

    1. emanuelgod1

      2% bro

      1. Bruh

        I’m such an idiot I got it then I rerolled