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Slayers Unleashed Dual Wield v.62 Update Patch Notes

Roblox Slayers Unleashed has just received a new update that brings Dual Wielding to the game!
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The Roblox Slayers Unleashed Dual Wield v.62 update was released on November 14th, 2021! This release brings an increase level and stat cap to the game. There’s some new skills for various breathing, a new boss to fight, and the addition of dual wielding. You will find all of the details of the update in the patch notes below.

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Slayers Unleashed Dual Wield Patch Notes

  • 1.5XP Event is now over!
  • Halloween Event is now over!
  • Increased Level cap to 900
  • Increased stat cap to 400
  • Added new skills!
    • Added new Mist Breathing skill Haze Burst
    • Added new Sound Breathing skill Reverb Resonance
    • Added new Beast Breathing skill Whirling Blades
    • Added new Insect Breathing skill Stingfold Thrust
  • Added Inosuke Boss
  • The required level to fight this boss is 800
  • Comes with the ability of learning dual wielding upon killing him
  • Added Dual Wielding
    • Overall 10% more damage buff
    • Unlocks a new Beast Breathing move (Whirling Blades)
    • **The only weapon that will display as dual is Bandaged Katana, the damage buff will be applied no matter the weapon equipped
  • Added new masks in shop
    • Sabito Mask (5500$)
    • Makamo Mask (7500$)
    • Hotaru Mask (15000$)
  • Yen Cap increased to 25000 (was 20000 before)
  • Fixed shop display error (“Something went wrong..”)
  • Buffed damage for Swamp Explosion, Swamp Tunnel & Swamp Uppercut by 20% (Swamp)
  • Increased damage and range for First Fang (Beast Breathing)
  • Increase damage for Drum Hit and Double Drum Hit by 20% (Drum)

That’s everything we know about the Dual Wield Update for Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for details on many other games on the platform.

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  1. idk just a person

    how do I tell if I have dual wielding I think I have it but I am not sure and I have the sickle bda but I don’t have the sickles to use them I feel frustrated at this and the fact that I am not even sure if I can get them or not

    1. idk just a person

      and its also way too hard to even get the sickles in the first place are you sure you can even get them?

      1. idk just a person

        I don’t think you can get it because I have been grinding for sickles and I am already on level 778 and still haven’t gotten them so I either don’t have dual wielding or its just too hard to get it I think I have dual weilding though because I have been grinding on level 300 and got it 5 times

  2. Elle

    Hey uh For Some Reason I have learned Dual Wielding Twice But it still Doesn’t Show in my Bandage Katana Do you need to press something to show it or no?