Some Dreamlight Valley Players Not Happy With Paid Wall-E Content

The recent introduction of the paid WALL-E Dream Bundle in Disney Dreamlight Valley has drawn criticism from some players.
Dreamlight Valley Wall E Bundle
Image: Disney

The recent update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, known as “The Remembering,” has brought along new content. Not all of it is free, however, and the paid WALL-E Dream Bundle has stirred up some controversy amongst the player community. Priced at 4,000 Moonstones, the equivalent of approximately $20 USD, some feel that this cost is too much and that Gameloft has gone back on their word.

At present, the methods for acquiring Moonstones include buying a Founder’s Pack, finding the Daily Moonstone Chest (which contains 50 Moonstones) that randomly appears in the game world, unlocking the Premium Star Path and completing the duties, exchanging surplus event currency earned during events, or purchasing additional Moonstone packs of varying sizes. These sizes include 1,200, 2,500, 5,500, and 14,500, which of course would mean you need to purchase multiple packs or more than you need to get the Dream Bundle (depending on how many you already have).

As for the details of the bundle, it offers an upgrade for the beloved robot character WALL-E, complete with a new Dream Style inspired by his favorite film. After donning this stylish new look, WALL-E rewards players with a new hat and a unique dance. Furthermore, buyers of this optional Dream Bundle are rewarded with a slew of new character quests themed around matchmaking, party planning, and the iconic boot-turned-vase. These quests unlock exclusive clothing options that match WALL·E’s Dream Style. Players can also interact with the newly styled WALL-E using daily dialogue options and observe him in new conversations with other villagers.

Players have taken to online platforms such as Reddit to express their discontent. One user argued, “They said ‘after early access’….we are still IN early access. So the fact that WallE’s new package is 4000 moonstones is maddening. How is that not us being charged?? I don’t get the logic there.” Another user stated, “I had a nice time playing it in early access, but I won’t be spending silly amounts of $ on this game at all in the future when my OG moonstones are gone. It was fun, but I’ll move on to other games that are pay once and play to completion.”

While technically not breaching their earlier promise since WALL-E is a character players can access for free, the introduction of the new paid bundle, containing costumes and a side quest, appears to contradict the spirit of the developers’ original commitment.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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