Spider-Man 2 Review Embargo Set for October 16th

The review embargo for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is set for October 16th, four days ahead of the PlayStation 5 exclusive release.
Spider Man 2 Embargo
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The review embargo for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the latest installment in the franchise available exclusively for the PlayStation 5, will lift on October 16th at 10am EDT according to Geoff Keighley. For those unfamiliar with the term, a review embargo is a set date and time when media outlets are permitted to publish their critiques or evaluations of a particular product.

The game seeks to further immerse players in its open-world environment by doubling the size of its rendition of New York City with the inclusion of Queens and Brooklyn. Spider-Man 2 incorporates a new traversal mechanic called “web-wings,” which enhances the existing web-swinging system. As a result, players can move through the city at increased speeds. The exploration of different areas, such as Queens and Brooklyn, aims to contrast sharply with the high-rise buildings of Manhattan, offering various locales like Peter Parker’s former school, Midtown High, and Miles Morales’ current school, Brooklyn Visions Academy.

A standout feature of Spider-Man 2 is the capability to switch almost instantly between the two playable characters, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, in the open world. This quick transition is made possible by the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 5. The game seeks to offer a more dynamic environment by enabling new activities and storylines as players advance through the main story. These activities manifest as visual cues in the game world, ranging from Kraven’s Talon Drones to mysterious sky-projected symbols.

The Spider-Heroes, Peter and Miles, have newly integrated Augmented Reality (AR) technology in their masks that aids in identifying already discovered activities or locating new ones. Additionally, an upgraded Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App will provide players with a method to quickly track areas of interest. Some in-game activities will also require players to don the mask of a specific hero based on contextual requests.

The game’s activities now contribute to a district progress system, promising rewards and unlocking a new fast travel system. With the PlayStation 5’s Solid State Drive (SSD), the game aims for minimal downtime while traversing the city. Spider-Man 2 also provides multiple customization options for the playable characters, including new combat abilities, gadgets, and a new suit tech system. A wide range of Spider suits will be available, sourced from comics, movies, and original designs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features an array of adversaries, introducing new and iconic villains such as Venom and Kraven the Hunter. It aims to present an evolved narrative, focusing on the symbiote’s impact on Peter and Miles as they juggle their lives, friendships, and responsibilities.

The game is slated for release on October 20th, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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