Sue Grafton’s “___ for Evidence” (2 wds.) Crossword Clue

We have the answer for Sue Grafton's "___ for Evidence" (2 wds.) crossword clue if you’re having trouble filling in the grid! Crossword puzzles provide a mental workout that can help keep your brain active and engaged, which is especially important as you age. Regular mental stimulation has been shown to help improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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When you're approaching a crossword puzzle, it can be useful to start with the clues that you are confident about. These might be clues that you know the answer to immediately, or that you can make an educated guess about based on the letters you have already filled in. This can help you build momentum and gain a sense of progress, which can be motivating.

Then, move on to the longer clues and answers. These clues often provide more context and can give you a better sense of the overall theme or structure of the puzzle. Additionally, longer answers are usually easier to fill in once you have a few letters already in place. If you're still stuck, consider jumping around to different sections of the puzzle rather than trying to solve it in a linear fashion. This can help you break out of a mental rut and come up with new ideas for solving clues. Still stuck? We have the answer for you so you can move onto the next clue in the grid! If you're still struggling, we have the Sue Grafton's "___ for Evidence" (2 wds.) crossword clue answer below.

Sue Grafton’s “___ for Evidence” (2 wds.) Crossword Clue Answer is…

Answer: EIS

This clue last appeared in the Daily Pop Crossword on October 12, 2023. You can also find answers to past Daily Pop Crosswords.

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Clue & Answer Definitions

  • EVIDENCE (verb)
    1. provide evidence for
    2. provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one’s behavior, attitude, or external attributes
  • EVIDENCE (noun)
    1. your basis for belief or disbelief; knowledge on which to base belief
    2. an indication that makes something evident
  • SUE (noun)
    1. French writer whose novels described the sordid side of city life (1804-1857)
  • SUE (verb)
    1. institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against

Daily POP Crosswords is a popular daily crossword puzzle that can be accessed online and through mobile apps. It is known for its themes related to pop culture and entertainment, and its format that is easy to solve, making it accessible to crossword enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

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The puzzle was first introduced in 2017 and is created by a team of experienced crossword constructors known for their creativity and skill in the field of crossword puzzles.

Daily Pop Crossword
Daily Pop Crossword

Daily POP Crosswords puts an emphasis on pop culture and entertainment-related themes. The puzzles often include clues and answers related to movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, and more.

That should be all the information you need to solve for the Sue Grafton’s “___ for Evidence” (2 wds.) crossword clue answer to help you fill in more of the grid you’re working on! Be sure to check more Crossword Clues, Crossword Answers, and our other Word Game coverage.

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