The Desert Eagle in CS2 was Buffed to Improve its Accuracy

In Counter-Strike 2, players have recently discovered a substantial accuracy enhancement to the Desert Eagle, a change that quietly arrived with the update in April.
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The Desert Eagle, a staple sidearm in the Counter-Strike franchise, has silently received a significant buff in Counter-Strike 2 that only now is garnering attention from players. This improvement, specifically an accuracy boost, went largely unnoticed at the time, and has been rediscovered amidst substantial changes to the game’s buy system and the replacement of Dust 2 with Mirage in a recent update.

The change appears to have been made Desert Eagle’s recoil, making it significantly more accurate in Counter-Strike 2 compared to its performance in CS:GO. Now, no matter what the player’s shooting speed, the first two bullets from the Desert Eagle will strike almost exactly the same spot. Following bullets will diverge, but they will do so within a tighter vertical cone rather than scattering horizontally around the target. This adjustment to the weapon’s firing pattern is a considerable boost for the powerful pistol.

The discovery of this change was first documented in a video clip uploaded to Twitter in early April 2023. The clip demonstrated the difference in firing patterns between the Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike 2 and its counterpart in CS:GO, using a no-spread setting for comparison.

Throughout the Counter-Strike series, the Desert Eagle has consistently been a favored sidearm due to its formidable power. Until the release of Global Offensive, it was the sole pistol in the game capable of delivering a lethal headshot regardless of an opponent’s armor or helmet. While other pistols in CS:GO also share this capacity, the Desert Eagle has a significant edge in terms of range. The weapon boasts high base damage, countering any potential damage drop-off at long distances, and has superior standing accuracy in comparison to most other pistols in the game. Additionally, in Global Offensive, the Desert Eagle is the only weapon in the pistol category with high penetration.

Given this newfound buff to the Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike 2, it is anticipated that players will increasingly integrate this enhanced weapon into their in-game strategy, further solidifying its place as a fan favorite in the franchise.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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