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True Piece Perks List – What do they do?

We're going to take a look at all of the available perks that you can get in Roblox True Piece!
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Roblox True Piece is a game that is inspired by the anime One Piece. You will start off as a lowly character, and work your way up through the ranks of being a pirate or marine. As you do, you will find devil fruits that will give you incredible powers. One of the unique aspects of True Piece is that it has a perks system. These are mostly passive bonuses that you can obtain by spinning for them. We’ll tell you what each one does in this True Piece Perks guide.

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True Piece Perks

Perks can be obtained in True Piece by spinning for them in the character customization area that is accessed in the main menu. For the most part they are passive, and will give you bonuses to things like health, movement speed, cooldown reduction, and power up specific moves.

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Common Perks

  • Luck – Increases your critical strike chance.
  • Runner – Give you more base movement speed.
  • Vitality – Gives you 20 extra base health.

Rare Perks

  • Enhanced Finger Gun – Increases the damage of Finger Gun, reduces the cooldown, and passively gives you more critical strike chance.
  • Enhanced Instant Transmission – Gives the Instant Transmission ability additional range and reduces the cooldown.
  • Enhanced Iron Body – Increases your block power and gives you more passive armor.
  • Enhanced Moonwalk – Gives an additional charge to your Moonwalk and reduces the cooldown.
  • Enhanced Paper Arts – Increases the chance for Paper Body to activate.
  • Enhanced Tempest Kick – Increases the damage of Tempest Kick and reduces the cooldown.

Legendary Perks

  • Advanced Busoshoku – Allows the use of full body Busoshoku, gives a passive buff to HP. You will need to have at least 400 Busoshoku Mastery. Press the F key to use this ability.
  • Advanced Kenbunshoku – Reduces the Haki cost for dodging.
  • Advanced Weapon Busoshoku – Gives your weapons an aura and power boost while Haki is active.
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku – Gives a buff to all Haoshoku, which increases range and reduces cooldown. Allows one free use of Haoshoku per spawn without owning the gamepass. Allows a free Non-Haki Draining use of Haoshoku per spawn if you own the Conqueror gamepass.
  • Six Styles – Gives a boost to all six of the styles (Finger Gun, Instant Transmission, Iron Body, Moonwalk, Paper Arts, & Rankyaku).

Godly Perks

  • Strawhat Haoshoku – Gives you an automatic Haoshoku activation if you reach low health. This works even without the gamepass.

That’s everything we know about the perks in Roblox True Piece! You can find details on a ton of different games by heading to the Roblox section of our website.

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