Vampire Survivors to launch second DLC on April 13th

Vampire Survivors is set to launch its second DLC 'Tides of the Foscari,' featuring a new quest on an enchanted forest.
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Image: Vampire Survivors

The hit roguelike survival pixel RPG, Vampire Survivors, has just announced to launch a new DLC next month.

Vampire Survivors is set to release its second DLC expansion, titled ‘Tides of the Foscari,’ on April 13th. The DLC will introduce a new massive stage as well as new characters, monsters, and weapons. It explores the Foscari Academy, a school divided into three houses where the elite of the world train their children for careers as powerful wizards, indefatigable generals, and expert spies.

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari will follow the journey of the three students, one from each house, into an enchanted forest filled with fae mysteries and other mythological creatures. The DLC will bring a total of 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, seven music tracks, and 20 new achievements.

Here’s an overview of some of the new characters and weapons that the Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari will introduce, as revealed on the DLC’s Steam page:

New Characters

  • Eleanor – Star pupil of The Azure Tower and a skilled magic user, Eleanor is as bright as she is shy.
  • Maruto – Undefeated champion of The Crimson Anvil. Stern, brooding, but with a heart of gold beneath his scowl, Maruto is a man of few words and strong arm.
  • Keitha – Sly, quick-witted, and fun loving, Keitha will do anything for a bit of adventure and levity. Deliberately stays near the bottom of class rankings in The Amber Sickle to avoid hassle.
  • Luminaire – The guardian of Lake Foscari, Luminaire is an ancient witch of great power and pure heart. Known in stories as the Lady of the Lake, or sometimes the Arboreal Mistress.

New Weapons

  • SpellString – Eleanor’s trusted textbook, sure to provide the answers on any magical topic that might cross her path.
  • Eskizzibur – Forged by Maruto’s blacksmith uncle as a jape, but to his surprise his young nephew was capable of lifting it.
  • Flash Arrow – Keitha’s home crafted arrows will put a hole through a tree at 100 paces, though her prodigious tendon strength certainly helps.
  • Prismatic Missile – A fragment of concentrated elemental power loaned to Luminaire by spirits as thanks for her continued protection of the natural world.

It is fascinating to see how Vampire Survivors continues to evolve and bring fresh content. The previous ‘Legend of the Moonspell‘ DLC was well received for its feature of monsters inspired by Japanese mythologies as well as a bigger and more detailed map. Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC is revealed to bring a new map that is significantly larger with lots of obstacles, so it will be surely more challenging. The map seems predominantly green, in contrast to the map from the previous DLC. Nonetheless, it does capture the aesthetic of the wooded lands of Western Europe, the origin of the fairy mysteries and mythical monsters that inspired the DLC.

You may add Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari to your Steam wishlist now to be alerted when it becomes available.

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah is a gaming niche writer and an Electronics Engineering graduate at the Technological University of the Philippines. She plays a lot of RPGs and FPS games. She also enjoys watching movies and anime.

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