Where to find Gible in Pokemon Legends Arceus – Locations!

We'll tell you all of the details you will want to know when trying to get a Gible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!
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Pokemon Legends: Arceus (PLA) is a new take on the classic franchise of catching and raising pocket monsters. In this game, you will be open to explore the untamed wilderness and interact with wild Pokemon. There is a learning curve to this due to the pretty significant differences that this game has compared to previous ones. If one of the questions you have is how to get a Gible, then we’ll show you exactly where you need to go to get this well-known Pokemon!

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Gible Guide

Gible is well-known Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon that eventually turns into Garchamp! They can be difficult to locate in some games of the franchise, so we’ll be taking a look at where you will be able to find one for yourself.

Where-to Find an Gible

To get a Gible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will need to reach Coronet Highlands, which is the fourth landmass you will unlock in the game. Once you’ve arrived, head over to Clamberclaw Cliff. It’s located on the eastern side of the area towards the center and near the small lake.

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Gible can also be found later in the game in the Alabaster Icelands at the Avalanche Slopes. This is in the southwestern region of the map, and is obviously pretty far along. Alpha Garchomp patrols this zone, so be careful and maybe grab it if you’re strong enough!

How to Catch Gible

Gible might bolt or get aggressive if you get too close! Make sure you sneak up on them very carefully and try to get behind it. You get a boost to your catch rate if you can land the PokeBall on their back and if you can stay hidden. As long as you manage to pull that off, you should catch them pretty easily.

You can fight the Pokemon, but it’s always safer to sneak up on them. This way you won’t accidentally knock them out before you can catch it. If you’re really worried about missing out, you can save the game prior to attempting to catch it. The Pokemon should be there if you reload the game. However, you will need to turn off auto-saves in the settings for this to work.

Gible Evolutions

Gible evolves into Gabite starting at level 24, and then turns into the mighty Garchomp starting at level 48. Each of these evolutions is available in the wild, so you might want to skip the earlier versions and just get the shark-like Dragon Pokemon in its fullest form.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Gible in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! You will find a variety of informative content on the game in the Pokemon Arceus section of our website.

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