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Zenkai Origins Map – All current locations in game!

If you're getting lost around the large island that contains Roblox Zenkai Origins then we've got a map that will help you find your way!
Featured Roblox Zenkai Origins Map Image

Roblox Zenkai Origins has just released, and if you’re new to the game then you are probably trying to figure out where everything is located! Well, this can be hard at first, but that’s okay because we have a map of the entire island that you will be playing on. A lot of these locations contain quests from well-known characters from Dragon Ball, so get around the area and complete these so you can level up and earn some Zeni!

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Zenkai Origins Map

Here’s the entire map of the island in Roblox Zankai Origins. You can click on it to enlarge, which will make it a whole lot easier to see where everything is located!

The island map for Roblox Zenkai Origins

This map was likely created by Superstephon on the Zenkai Origins Trello.

Map Locations

  • Forest – You spawn at this location when you start the game. You will find Chichi here and she will give you the first quest that you can complete!
  • Diablo Desert – You will find Victor and Ryan in a cave in this unusual desert who will give you quests. The enemies in this area are from level 22 – 26.
  • Satan City – Home of the greatest fighter in the world, and also a place where you can get quests from Sharpner and the Police Officer. These quests feature enemies from level 23 – 30.
  • Kame House – You can find Master Roshi here who is the second person you want to visit to complete quests with.
  • World Martial Art Tournament
  • Pilaf’s Castle – This area is surrounded by giant mushrooms! Pilaf’s Castle is home to the dungeon that you can fight within.
  • West City – You will find Bulma at the Capsule Corporation at this location.
  • Korins Tower – Korin is the cat and lives in the tower that is high in the sky. He will be the third quest giver you visit in the game.
  • Kamis Lookout – This is where you will find Kami and Mr. Popo. You will want to access this area after completing the quests with Korin. You can learn to meditate by completing Kami’s quests.
  • East City – The city has been destroyed by Androids. You will find a Dying Civilian there who offers a Daily Quest. The enemies here range from level 35 – 40.
  • Wasteland
  • Central City – You will find the Shop in Central City, which is where you can purchase new clothes and a Scouter to track other player’s power levels! In the circular area grounds area you can find a bunch of quests to complete! Some of the enemies are around level 70, so be careful if you’re low level.
  • Baba Palace
  • Yunzabit Heights – This area is still under development.
  • Cell Games – Pretty much vacant at the moment other than the arena area that Cell built.
  • ??? (Unknown Island Remains) – An area that is vacant at the moment and will likely have something added in the future.

That’s everything we know about the map and locations of Roblox Zenkai Origins. Be sure to check out the Zenkai Origins part of our website for more stuff you can learn about the game!

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