Action roguelite “Outer Terror” preview: first impressions

Outer Terror, an indie horde shooter and roguelite, has just announced a late April launch!
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Outer Terror, an upcoming survival horror and action roguelite from VoxPop Games and Salt & Pixel, will officially launch on April 20th, 2023. Try Hard Guides got an early hands-off opportunity to view the intro and some gameplay ahead of the Steam demo on March 28th, 2023.

Outer Terror will be available on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and VoxPop Games’ own platform. You can watch the latest trailer on the VoxPop Games YouTube channel here:

Outer Terror is a deeply thematic indie, and that will surely be one of the game’s highlights. The narrative and art design proudly showcase their nostalgia for classic horror comics.

The tone is accordingly playful and over-the-top, both in its presentation and mechanics. Comic pages and classic blocks will be key visuals in-game. There are also nods to a variety of classic genre films. In fact, the latest “Don’t Die” trailer blatantly references a fake trailer in Grindhouse, from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

All of the gameplay in Outer Terror includes simple twists on very familiar stories. Ideally, the levels and gameplay will define their own personality, and won’t rely on nostalgia alone.

The action has a swift pace, and the overall sense of movement resembles old school arcade games. That should be more accessible for casual gamers who are unaccustomed to roguelites.

It also fits with the cooperative mechanics, which do accommodate local coop, in addition to traditional online gameplay. The preview included some coop, which seemed pretty straightforward, and simply lets players try to complete objectives together like a classic cabinet.

Outer Terror is clearly aiming for a casual tone. The How-To videos on VoxPop’s YouTube channel have revealed a surprising amount of gameplay already:

A horror anthology theme requires that each story should feel totally unique, while continuing to ebb and flow thematically and visually. Fortunately, although Outer Terror’s environments do look a little empty at times, they effectively distinguish themselves through compelling colors and layouts.

Here are some of the key game features, for reference:

  • Play through the anthology of Outer Terror, each of the five chapters inspired by classic horror stories features its own signature character and storyline.
  • 10 playable characters each with their own trademark weapons and badass skills.
  • Explore massive maps to discover survivor hold outs and collect treasures that lead you to massive boss encounters with elite creatures from beyond, ghouls, robots, and otherworldly abominations.
  • Stockpile an arsenal of weapons and then blast apart seemingly endless waves of demonic cosmic creatures!
  • Don’t Die! Play through each chapter and battle off hordes of enemies including the vampiric polar bear, lifelike toasters, the remains of a pet rabbit and more!
  • Hop online or invite your friends over to experience online and couch co-op gameplay modes.

You can read more about Outer Terror, VoxPop Games, and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section.

Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

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