Anime Adventures Holy Grail Update Log & Patch Notes

The Holy Grail War Update for Anime Adventures introduces a new world, unique units, and a fresh battle pass. The update also encompasses balance changes, new daily missions, and updated Infinity Castle mechanics.
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Anime Adventures has released the Holy Grail War Update, a comprehensive package that introduces a plethora of changes, additions, and adjustments. The update focuses on expanding the in-game universe, refining gameplay mechanics, and introducing new features. If you’re in need of some free stuff you can head to our Anime Adventures Codes page!

A key addition is the start of the Holy Grail War, which allows players to partner with legendary heroes from history in a quest for fulfilling their ultimate wishes. The war is set in a new world known as the Mountain Temple, where players can discover brand new unique units to collect, upgrade, and evolve. These units come with new mechanics and enjoy a drop rate boost as well as increased damage when found in new Noble Portals. Furthermore, new Evolve Quests are available, providing opportunities for unit upgrades.

The Holy Grail War also brings an Event Shop into the game, where players can exchange Lesser Grails for rewards on a daily basis. Alongside this, the update introduces a new Battle Pass titled Flame Hunt. Progressing through this battle pass is possible by defeating enemies in any game mode, and it offers new units for collection.

In addition to these new worlds and features, Anime Adventures has made changes to the World Jumper stages. These stages now include content up to and including Hero City, identified as World #15. The requirement for World Jumper items has been eliminated; players are now automatically prompted to engage with these stages upon world selection. Completing the last stage in a world will now automatically unlock other stages in that world.

Daily missions have been updated, with Navi offering more tasks that can assist players in evolving units. The Infinity Castle also has undergone several changes with new Leaderboard and Tournament seasons introduced. Rooms in the Infinity Castle have been rebalanced above Room 150, and global messages will now announce players who reach new top rooms.

The Special Banner, a mechanism for acquiring older Mythic units, has been revamped. Several units have been moved out of this feature, becoming only obtainable in the Standard Banner. This change aims to improve the pool of units available in the Special Banner.

Balance changes constitute a critical part of the update. The requirement for Griffin (Ascension) sacrifice has increased from 30,000 to 100,000. Buff units have been recalibrated, with most buffs now adding values instead of multiplying them. Numerous bug fixes are also part of this update, and global difficulty has been rebalanced to offer a more consistent experience.

A range of units have been made tradable, including but not limited to Skull Knight, Harribu, Avdo, and Poseidon. This provides players with more flexibility in managing their collections.

Here’s a look at the patch notes that were released via the official Discord:

  • The Holy Grail War has started, bringing in legendary heroes from across history in a fight to the death to make their ultimate wishes come true. Gain powerful servants as allies, obtain powerful limited time rewards and prove your worth in this life or death battle!
  • New World: Mountain Temple!
  • Brand new unique units to collect, upgrade, and evolve!
  • New unit mechanics!
  • New Evolve Quests!
  • All new units have drop rate boost and increased damage in new Noble Portals!
  • Event shop added! Exchange Lesser Grails daily for rewards!
  • New Battle Pass: Flame Hunt!
  • A new battle pass has released, along with new units to collect! Progress through the battle pass by taking down enemies in any game mode!
  • More World Jumper stages added!
  • World Jumper items removed, instead you are automatically prompted when you select a World!
  • Use to skip to the last stage of a world, and clear it to instantly unlock other stages!
  • World Jumper stages added up to and including Hero City (World #15)!
  • New Daily Missions! Navi has more missions that can be completed to help you evolve units!
  • New Infinity Castle, Leaderboard, and Tournament seasons!
  • Many older Mythic units have been moved out of Special Banner (only obtainable in Standard Banner now) to improve the pool of units in Special Banner!
  • All units moved out of Special Banner: All Force, Marada, Brulo, Levy, Diavoro, Renkoko, Armein, Whitehair, Akano, Red Scar, Mochi, Ariva, Eta, Tarata, Juozu, Uru, Aizo, Ulquiro, Coyote, Kizzua (Whirlwind), Meruam, Pito, Neteru, Gone (Adult), Gray, Natzo, Crush, Itadoki, Megomu, Goju, Yuto
  • Global messages added for players who reach a new top room in Infinity Castle!
  • Infinity Castle Rooms rebalanced above Room 150
  • Global difficulty rebalance
  • New Event Quests!
  • Balance changes + bug fixes!
  • Much more coming soon!
  • Balance changes:
    • Buff units rebalanced (most buffs add rather than multiply together)
    • Griffin (Ascension) sacrifice requirement 30k -> 100k
  • Units that are now tradable:
    • Skull Knight and Skull Knight (King)
    • Harribu and Harribu (Shark Empress)
    • Avdo and Avdo (Magician’s Red)
    • Kizume and Kizume (Tailless Beast)
    • Poseidon and Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas)
    • Roger and Roger (Pirate King)
    • Bombietta
    • Kimomaro
    • Isago

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Anime Adventures page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website.

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