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BedWars Double XP Update – September 10th Patch!

A new update has been released for Roblox BedWars on September 10th, 2021 that brings the double xp for the weekend and some new maps to enjoy!
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Roblox BedWars has just been updated on September 10th, 2021, and you will get to enjoy double the XP for your Battle Pass this weekend. That means you’ll be able to level up much quicker, and hopefully unlock some of those kits along the way. There’s some new maps for you to play, which includes the Mini Golf, Blossom, Glacier, and Sand Temple maps. If you’ve been a balloon item hater in the past then you can rejoice! There is now a 5 second cooldown before you can redeploy balloons if you take damage.

Find all of the details from the patch in the update log below.

BedWars Patch Notes

For this weekend only you can enjoy 2x Battle Pass Experience.

New Maps

  • Mini Golf (squads)
  • Mini Golf (duos)
  • Blossom (duels)
  • Glacier (duels)
  • Sand Temple (duels)

Balloon Nerfs

  • Taking damage triggers a 5 second cooldown on deploying balloons

After several weeks of strong gameplay, we are finally taking balloons out of the top spot of the rotation. This nerf is designed to remove Balloons as the best late game item while still keeping them as a situational item. Specifically, this nerf prevents you from gaining an extra life when falling into the void by deploying balloons.

Other Changes

  • Free kits of the week: Barbarian, Infernal Shielder, & Baker
  • Baguette: slightly reduced the knockback
  • Baguette: slightly increased the price (30 iron -> 35 iron)
  • Added a /kick command to custom games to remove unwanted players

Those are all of the details that have been released about the double XP weekend patch for Roblox BedWars. Be sure to check out our BedWars kits post to see all of the available kits!

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