BG3: How To Speak With Animals

Speak with animals in Baldur's Gate 3! Cast the spell, drink a potion, or be a Forest Gnome. Chat with owlbears, bears, and squirrels.
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Baldur’s Gate 3, just like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), has the ability to speak to animals. I, no doubt, like millions in the world, would love the chance to talk to our beloved animals. Of course, it’s not the same, but honestly, speaking to a rabid bear in real life probably wouldn’t do you too much good! The BG3 journey is not just about fighting dragons and goblins. It’s also about chatting with a raven on a tree branch or a wolf you met in the forest. So here’s a guide on how to speak with animals in Baldur’s Gate III.

Oh, and these aren’t like the animals from Divinity Original Sin 2 that tell you to, eh, Sod off. But you do get that one Sarcastic Rat

How to Speak With Animals in Baldur’s Gate 3

So, how does one start whispering to the birds or having a chat with a frog in Baldur’s Gate 3? It’s a piece of cake once you know how! There are several methods to unleash your inner digital, Dr. Dolittle:

Casting the ‘Speak with Animals’ spell

This is your primary way of communication with animals, folks. It’s a level 1 Speak with Animals spell that you can snag right from the get-go if you’re a Ranger. If you’re playing another class, don’t worry; there are other ways to chat with the beasties.

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Potion of Animal Speaking

Don’t fancy magic, or maybe you’re more of the alchemical sort? Brew or buy yourself one of these tasty concoctions, and you’ll be understanding ‘bark’ and ‘meow’ in no time! Keep an eye out for these potions, as they are pretty common.

Beast Speech

You can choose Beast Speech as your Eldritch Invocations as a Warlock. You’ll have the gift of gab with all creatures, great and small, and the best part? It doesn’t cost you a spell slot. Now, that’s what I call efficient!

Become a Forest Gnome

I guess the easiest way to speak with animals, aside from a Warlock, is to become a Forest Gnome. For a racial trait exclusive to Forest Gnomes, will have the ability to Speak with Animals at level 1.

Choose One of These Classes

  • Bard
  • Druid
  • Ranger

How To Talk to Animals in BG3

Choose your method of communication – be it spell, potion, or invocation, then simply click on the animal you encounter. You may get a brief response from the animal, or, if you’re lucky, you might even strike up a longer chat.

One word of advice from my experience – don’t shy away from trying to converse with every animal you come across. It’s definitely worthwhile, and you can’t do it in real life, so do I need to say more?

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Now, here’s where it gets fun. Let me give you a taste of the kind of interactions you might stumble upon:

  • West of the Druid Grove, you’ll find an owlbear in his nest. Chat her up!
  • At the Druid Grove, look out for a bear taking a snooze by the elevator. Maybe you can ask him about his dreams?
  • You know Alfira, the woman near the Druid Grove, trying to compose another song? Did you notice the squirrels sitting around her? Hit them up.

Tips on How To Become Friends With Animals in BG3

A helpful spell in a spellcaster’s arsenal is a spell called Animal Friendship, this will allow (if they don’t save against it) you to charm a beast, and it won’t attack you.

However, keep in mind that using this spell comes with a few caveats:

  1. The target animal’s intelligence level must be less than 4. Sorry, no charming super-intelligent owlbears in this game.
  2. Hurting a charmed animal is a big no-no. If you injure your new buddy, they’ll quickly turn on your team.
  3. Once the spell ends, they might become hostile.
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