Blizzard Leaked Survey Seeks Fan Opinions on Acceptability of $100 Diablo 4 Add-On

An allegedly leaked survey from Blizzard is said to be seeking fan feedbacks on the acceptability of $50, $70, $80, and $100 prices for Diablo IV add-ons.
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Blizzard, the renowned game developer, is reportedly asking fans for their thoughts on the acceptability of a potential Diablo IV add-on priced at up to $100, as first reported by GameStar. The revelation surfaced through a video by Bellular News on YouTube, which detailed the leaked information shared by a fan.

At this year’s BlizzCon, the highly anticipated unveiling of Diablo IV’s first major expansion, titled “Vessel of Hatred,” took place. Set for a late 2024 release, many details about the expansion, including its pricing, remain undisclosed.

Earlier this week, Bellular News shared intriguing insights into Blizzard’s potential pricing strategy for Diablo IV add-ons. According to the YouTuber, a fan forwarded a confidential survey from the Diablo IV developer, providing a glimpse into Blizzard’s plans for add-on pricing. The leaked survey presented four pricing options—$50, $70, $80, and $100—each offering various benefits, including different amounts of Platinum currency for purchasing skins.

The pricing becomes concerning due to its inclusion of a chance to purchase advantageous gameplay benefits. Specifically, the $50 and $100 options provide early access to a functional in-game item—with the $50 option granting access to a unique item and the $100 option unlocking a legendary aspect. Though not explicitly stated, it appears to be evolving into a pay-to-win feature.

While the survey may not definitively dictate Blizzard’s future pricing strategy for add-ons, it provides an overview into the direction the company is considering. Additionally, it offers fans a potential insight into the anticipated cost of the Diablo IV “Vessel of Hatred” expansion.

As the leaked survey faces criticism and backlash, there is a likelihood that Blizzard may reassess its plans for add-on pricing, possibly opting for a more community-friendly range. The reaction from the gaming community will likely play a significant role in shaping Blizzard’s decisions moving forward.

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Shemiah Ruina

Shemiah Ruina

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  1. X

    Blizzard shouldn’t be charging money for expansion. Why can’t they be free? Fallout 76 all expansion has been free and ppl are still playing. Alot of players don’t want to spend even money on a game after dropping money to start with

  2. DiabloDad

    Blizzard really trying to be the vessel of hatred