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Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem Update Patch Notes

The new Interdimensional Super Mayhem update is coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom!
Featured Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem Image

On October 8th, 2021 Cookie Run: Kingdom will be releasing the new Interdimensional Super Mayhem update! The game is hot off of its recent collaboration with the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, and rather than resting for too long they are bringing the heat with another new update. This one is going to bring some new cookies to the game to collect and a new area for you to explore and battle in!


Patch Notes

  • New Event Mode: Interdimensional Super Mayhem
  • New Cookie: Mala Sauce Cookie (EPIC)
  • New Cookie: Twizzly Gummy Cookie (EPIC)
  • English voice-over added
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

More Details

The new area is called Dragon’s Valley and appears to be a badlands warrior style of domain. There will be lava on either side of you as you battle in this area, so be careful where you step!

As of right now, we know there will be two new cookies available in the game to collect:

  • Mala Sauce Cookie
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a rear ranged cookie that wields a huge gatling gun that will fire out electrified shots at her enemies. Her ability will shoot a huge pulsating beam that hits all of the enemies in a row. The “Zapped” debuff will be applied after this move is used.

Here’s her in-game description:

Would you look at that? Gummy wires twisted here and there, sparks flying everywhere! Maybe that’s why Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s temperament is like chaos itself! She insists that if she doesn’t wreak havoc even for one day, her hair will start crackling electricity! BZZZZT With her ticking timebomb of a Electrojelly Gun, she will bulldoze a planet and pulverize the planet right next to it! No wonder they call her the Cosmic Criminal—look at her cause absolute mayhem everywhere she lands! To her, battles are just another game that gives her electrifying thrills. Looks like she’s done messing with her universe and ready to jump to another dimension! Just what could she be plotting next? Her evil cackling and rampaging sparks can’t be good news… Well, good luck to those who come in her way… because it’s gonna hurt!

Mala Sauce Cookie is a front charge cookie that has the ability to buff the CRIT% of the two allies you have that have the highest CRIT% stat. She has an ability where she slams the ground and lava will erupt from below which burns enemies that are struck by it.

Here’s her in-game description:

The blistering heat of the Dragon’s Valley seems inhospitable to all forms of life. That is… until you get to know the spicy Cookies of the Mala Tribe. The entire tribe is unyieldingly spicy, but none come close to Mala Sauce Cookie with her mind-numbing, fiery taste! Her strength knows no bounds: a simple tap on a boulder shatter it to pieces, a full swing of her Morning Star Anise triggers a massive whirlwind. Due to her fierce determination to protect the tribe, she was the only cookie who succeeded in the dreaded Trial of the Dragon. It’s no wonder that she is destined to be the future leader! Despite the twists and turns with her first adventure outside of the village, if she can captivate the spicy denizens of the Mala Tribe, the outside world doesn’t stand a chance!

You can check out some of the details from the update in the teaser video below!

The team behind the game did follow-up this video with the following details:

This video shows footage of the update still in development. While it might seem like Mala Sauce Cookie’s skill increases the CRIT% of all allies, it is actually designed to increase the CRIT% of the two Cookies with the highest CRIT% stat. Sorry for causing confusion.

That’s everything we know about the Super Mayhem update that is being released into Cookie Run: Kingdom. Be sure to check out the Cookie Run Kingdom section of our website for more details on the game.

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