Dead By Daylight Tome 11 information leaked

A new leak confirms the characters involved in Dead By Daylight's 11th Tome, Devotion.
Dead By Daylight Tome 11 Image

Tons of new information has been confirmed about Dead by Daylight’s 11th Tome in a leak released today. Coming to us from a leaked banner for the brand new Archives tome, we can confirm that the characters involved in the new tome will be David King and the Twins, as speculated by fans.

This information was part of a speculated leak released about two months ago, and its confirmation means that other information from the leak is likely also true. According to this leak, we will also be receiving new skins for the Legion, Feng Min, The Twins, David King, and Jeff Johanson. In addition to these brand new skins, we can also expect to see some skin recolors for The Hillbilly, Dwight, Adam, The Nurse, The Trickster, Meg and Claudette.

The leaked banner shows the twins in a tricorn hat. While this is period-accurate, this is something that would be worn by french nobility, and as we know from the Twins’ backstory they were a part of the french peasantry in their time. It will be interesting to see if this skin is connected to the lore included in this Tome, and if so how they came to be dressed so nice.

David King’s skin shows him in an open-collar shirt with a pair of glasses and some new facial hair. While certainly not the usual look for our survivor, this could easily be King from an earlier part of his life. If this is in fact a lore-related skin for King, I personally am glad he eventually shaved.

This isn’t the first Dead By Daylight leak to be confirmed, with the number of leaks of in-development content for the game increasing dramatically lately. Earlier this month we had another Dead By Daylight image leak, hinting at Alien being the killer in the next Dead By Daylight chapter.

Erik Hodges

Erik Hodges

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