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Demonfall Update 1.3 Patch Notes

Roblox Demonfall just got the brand new Update 1.3 released that brings a variety of fixes and changes to the game.
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Roblox Demonfall is a super popular new game that is inspired by the popular anime series Demon Slayer. The game has been receiving a lot of attention, and the developers have been hard at work updating the game with new features and fixes. Update 1.3 brings some brand new stuff to the game, fixes up things, and adds some buffs/nerfs to enemies.

In this patch, you will find the addition of mobile support, duel gamemode has been revamped, and some buffs to the Green Demon. You can find all of the changes in the update notes below.

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Demonfall Update 1.3 Patch Notes

  • Mobile support
  • Duel gamemode REVAMP
  • Expiring wipe potion and reset points codes
  • Dash mastery rework — POSTPONED TO 1.4 Cause i actually got a better idea to it
  • Judgment Cut damage and speed HIGH buff (+40%) but no longer give Iframes
  • New codes
  • Low Graphics Toggle at settings — POSTPONED TO 1.4
  • Reset Combat Style potion — POSTPONED TO 1.4
  • Fixed axe demon perma-stun (But axe demon now gives EXP !)
  • Buffed green demon
  • Zenitsu and Green demon doesn’t go through iframes anymore
  • Buffed Zenitsu health (325 -> 340)
  • Nerfed Zenitsu experience (350 –> 300)
  • Buffed green demon experience (220 –> 250)

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  1. lol

    when is the new update coming

  2. anubis

    Will you be adding a way for you to reset your family without having to wipe your account and start over because there are people who spun a bad family and are lvl 50 who would rather keep that bad family then take a week to get back to the point they once were.

  3. anubis

    Will there be a better way to lvl up for the ppl that are 45+ because it is already hard as it is even with a tiny nerf of 350-300 like that.

  4. Enryu

    what is the new code

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There’s no working codes at the moment, they’ve all expired.

  5. Tails

    What does combat potion do

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Not sure!

      1. sky

        it resets the combat style for demons