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Free Roblox Nerf avatar items are available!

Get two free Nerf based items for your Roblox avatar by checking out the Nerf Hub on Roblox!

Roblox and Nerf have partnered up to create a variety of Nerf blaster guns to celebrate the platform. You can head to the store or online and purchase guns from Adopt Me, Arsenal, Jailbreak, Mad City, MM2, Phantom Forces, and Strucid! While that’s great and all, you might be hoping for something you can get for free. Well, now Nerf and Roblox has accommodated that as well!

To get the free Nerf Roblox avatar items, you will need to head to the Nerf Hub. Once inside the game, look for the Claw Machine and use it. This will get you the Dart Cap! You only need to play the machine once, you will only receive that item. After you’ve gotten the cap, head to the Practice Range to fire off some Nerf guns. Once you’ve completed a round of it, you will receive the Dart Glasses for free!

Everything else in the game is based on whether or not you purchased the real life Nerf guns, so only bother with it if you have a code from those to redeem.

If you love Nerf then you can also play Nerf Strike on Roblox! It’s a fun game that will have you purchasing Nerf weapons and firing the darts against other players. If you want to get some freebies in that game, check out our Nerf Strike codes page!

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