Grounded Playground Codes (June 2024) Levels and Maps!

We've got the full list of all the new and working Grounded Playground codes that will get you to player-made levels in the game!
Grounded Player With Fish In Dirty Water
Image: Grounded Playground

Embark on an extraordinary adventure where the world transforms into a vast, captivating, and perilous landscape, especially when you find yourself reduced to the dimensions of an ant. In this first-person, multiplayer survival experience, you and your fellow players must explore, construct, and endure the challenges of the backyard together. Confront swarms of colossal insects and battle the dangers that lurk in every corner.

The codes below will allow you to find player-made levels for you to go through in Grounded. Just follow our directions in the how to play section to see how to transport to the levels.

Grounded Playground Map Codes

  • DML-B3S-4TE – A story-driven, linear adventure where you play the role of investigator trying to solve the mystery of what Minutia is, who made it, and why no one has been able to return to tell the tale
  • CVP-5JM-DKE – Single or Multiplayer puzzles and mystery (Adventure / RPG)
  • 9UC-LMX-SKA – Bowser Run Racing Deathmatch (PvP)
  • 6FL-BMT-SM7 – Parkour course with some fighting (Platforming)
  • YWL-DZD-KFX – Five puzzle & challenge (Puzzle)
  • WG2-UZX-EJU – Puzzles, fighting, and more (Adventure)
  • Q9F-743-FWN – Clicker Game (Training)
  • 2U4-VC8-E49 – Creature Castle (Adventure)
  • R8M-FPE-Q67 – Prison Break (Escape)
  • TWS-HDL-X3C – Wrestling Arena (PvE or PvP)
  • S9C-X9E-Q7K – Harbingers of the Apocalypse (Adventure)
  • VEQ-Q2S-ZJA – Button Master (Puzzle)
  • TY3-P3J-9BQ – Escape the Mansion (Escape)
  • 99D-YQM-VWM – Spooky Mystery (Horror Adventure)
  • W8Z-227-EAS – Grounded: RPG Edition (Adventure)
  • 5N9-P5C-3GJ – Grounded Arenas (PvE)
  • 7PT-9J6-LNY – The Red Key (Adventure)
  • 25C-JWD-26C – Training Arena (Training)
  • T2K-NE4-CUY – Trials of Grounded (Dungeon Crawler)
  • RT9-PQ8-LEH – Escape the Garden (Escape)
  • NA4-E8S-67Y – The Beetle’s Quest (Adventure)
  • AN6-6AW-WQ5 – Ultimate Battle Arena (PvE)
  • D4Y-Y7E-4QZ – Jade Pg’s Only Down (Platforming)
  • A28-ZNK-4HA – The Wave Cavern (Horde PvE)
  • 7FZ-9CL-F2X – Unrooted (Adventure)
  • D99-PMD-QXZ – Halo 3 Guardian (PvP)
  • Y2Q-2SV-2ZZ – Find the Button (Puzzle)
  • KUB-U6Z-TRG – Flea the Tunnels (Adventure)
  • 8T9-FKN-GHJ – Soulsed (Soulslike/Roguelike)
  • CW5-UA2-B43 – Dungeons and Dragonflies (Dungeon Crawler)
  • XSD-R86-WAP – Legend of the Coaltana (Adventure)

How to Play Grounded Playground Maps

To redeem codes in Grounded Playground, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. select Downloads
  3. Go to Community Playgrounds
  4. Enter the code in the text box
  5. Press Accept
Playground Codes Redemption
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

Where Can I Post My Grounded Playgrounds Codes?

If you have worked hard on a Grounded playground, leave us a code in the comments! We’ll check it out and even add them in! Tell us the code and what genre your playground is in, and we can add it to our list. If we get enough, we can separate the different levels into sections.

Alternatively, the Discord for Grounded has a Playgrounds section where you can post your levels for other players in the community.

What are Grounded Playgrounds?

The Grounded Playgrounds update essentially brought game creation tools to the game. We’ve seen similar things from DreamsLittle Big Planet, and soon The Witcher 3. You can basically make your own level or game inside of Grounded.

To be more specific, playgrounds are levels you can make in the game that other players can play through. You get access to a suite of design tools that let you build buildings, place obstacles, place furniture, and even place creature spawners. In addition to building out your custom spaces, you can also utilize the Gadgets and Gizmos suite of tools to add depth to each level.

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  1. Derelekt

    “A story-driven, linear adventure where you play the role of investigator trying to solve the mystery of what Minutia is, who made it, and why no one has been able to return to tell the tale.
    Your adventure is accompanied by your Al tour guide ‘ECHO’, who helps you as you progress through the game. But something’s… a little off with this place.
    Find missing personnel, solve puzzles, discover a strange new world, and above all else, stay alive and put an end to the madness.”
    This is the first playground my partner and I have made. It was a lot of fun, swearing, arguments, and laughs, and we hope you give it a shot 🙂
    Also, we would love some feedback both positive and negative so we can make it the best it can be! Would be awesome to have it on the list 🙂
    Download code: DML-B3S-4TE

    1. Mark Carpenter

      We’ve added it to our list 🙂

  2. Bob

    Hi there, could you please post the download code CVP-5JM-DKE to my playground ‘Adventures of the Lost Warriors’? It lists as a Single or Multiplayer Adventure / RPG and centers around new characters. You will need to find clues, solve puzzels and break codes to find out what happend to them

    1. Jorge A. Aguilar

      Added in =)

  3. Hunnybun

    Can y’all play me map the code is ZC2-S5E-68J

    1. Mark Carpenter

      Can you give me more information? What it’s called? The game/amp description etc.