Gym League Auras Guide – How To Get, Turn On, & Rarity

We've got a comprehensive guide on auras, how to turn them on, and how to get them.
Roblox Gym League Aura Double Display
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Auras in Gym League make your character look cool and different from others. They also give you awesome boosts in Cash you can make. This guide will teach you how to get new auras.

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How To Get Auras In Gym League

Once you open Gym League, just look for the “Aura” button on the left side of your screen. When you click this button, it will open the aura menu where you can see your current aura and ways to get new ones. The main way to get new auras in Gym League is by rerolling.

Roblox Gym League Aura Display
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

This means you have a random chance to unlock a new aura from the available ones. You can choose from two options for rerolling. You can do a regular reroll for 1,500 cash. This is pretty expensive and requires a lot of time to win competitions. You can also spend 149 Robux on a premium Reroll, but this can be pricey in real-world money. Alternatively, you can also use codes to get spins which will let you reroll poses.

All Auras in Gym League

Here are the auras you can get:

  • Default (Common) – 1x Cash
  • Crimson Fog (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Red Aura (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Yellow Fog (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Punk Aura (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Teal Fog (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Green Aura (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Black Fog (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Fog (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Orange Aura (Common) – 1.05x Cash
  • Rage (Rare) – 1.15x Cash
  • Curse (Rare) – 1.25x Cash
  • Nen (Rare) – 1.2x Cash
  • Purple (Rare) – 1.15x Cash
  • Esper (Epic) – 1.4x Cash
  • Super Saiyan (Epic) – 1.4x Cash
  • Dark (Epic) – 1.5x Cash
  • Super Saiyan Blue (Legendary) – 1.8x Cash
  • Super Saiyan God (Legendary) – 1.7x Cash
  • Slime (Legendary) – 1.8x Cash
  • Ultra Instinct (Mythical) – 2x Cash
  • Psycho (Mythical) – 2x Cash
  • Galaxy (Galaxy Pack for 1,999 Robux) – 2.5x Cash
  • VIP Aura (VIP Game Pass for 349 Robux) – 1.5x Cash
  • Darkness – 1.8x Cash
  • Masters Vision – 2.1x Cash
  • Helsing – 3x Cash
  • Conqueror – 2.5x Cash
  • Archangel – 2.5x Cash
  • Six Paths – 2.5x Cash
  • Demon Emperor – 2x Cash
  • Sage – 1.8x Cash
  • Shadow Monarch – 1.8x Cash
  • Godspeed – 1.6x Cash
  • Destroyer – 1.5x Cash
  • The World – 1.2x Cash

It’s really important to know that auras come in different levels of rarity, and some are much harder to find than others.

  • Common (63.9%) – These auras are the most frequent, and you’ll likely encounter them often.
  • Rare (25%) – These auras are less common than commons but still obtainable with a decent chance.
  • Epic (10%) – These auras are a step up in rarity and will take more rerolls to acquire.
  • Legendary (1%) – These auras are quite rare, and obtaining them will likely require a significant amount of rerolling.
  • Mythical (0.1%) – These auras are the rarest tier, and getting them is purely based on luck.

If you want to use the regular in-game money, you can try rerolling many times to get a rare aura, but it might take a lot of tries. If you use premium rerolls, you can get there faster, but you have to spend Robux. We recommend not worrying about this until you’re a few gyms in, just because of the cost.

How To Turn Your Aura On

Roblox Gym League Aura On Off Turning
Image: Try Hard Guides

You don’t have to wait for Stamina boosts to see your aura, just press the Aura: Off button to turn it on. It’s at the top left of your screen. To turn it back off, press Aura: On.

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