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How to breed frogs in Minecraft – Bedrock & Java 1.19!

We'll walk you through the process of breeding a couple of frogs together in Minecraft with easy to follow steps.
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The Minecraft Wild Update has finally been published, and players are getting a chance to dig into all of the new content that is now available to them. While some of the stuff is easy to learn, some of the additions to the game can prove to be a bit more difficult to understand. If you’re wondering how you can breed frogs in Minecraft, we’ll walk you through the steps in this guide.

Breeding Frogs

To breed frogs in Minecraft, you will need to obtain Slimeballs. Once you have them, find two frogs that are close together and feed each one a Slimeball. This will have the frogs enter into love mode and eventually cause them to mate, which results in one of them laying frogspawn in a nearby water tile.

Frogs can be found all over the place, but where they are found will determine their color.

  • In temperate climate biomes, you will find orange frogs. These biomes include river, beach taiga, swamp, and more.
  • In cold climate biomes, you will find green frogs. These biomes include frozen river, snowy beach, grove, snow taiga, and more.
  • Finally, in warm climate biomes, you will find white frogs. These biomes include places like jungle badlands, desert, savanna, and more.

Once you find a frog color of your choice, you will want to grab a lead and attach it to the frog. This will allow you to drag it along to another frog that you can use for breeding. You could bring it back to your base or a fenced in area for safekeeping.

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When you’ve got your two frogs near each other, now you will need to feed them Slimeballs. This is a resource dropped by Slimes, who can be found at night in swamp biomes. If you’re lucky enough to have pandas nearby, they will also sneeze it up on occasion.

Once you feed the two frogs Slimeballs, they will face each other and the one that is impregnated will show hearts over their head. That frog will look for a water tile and then lay frogspawn.

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Frogspawn will eventually turn into tadpoles, which will then turn into frogs! The color of your frogs is determined by what biome they grew from tadpoles into frogs in, so make sure to bring to the proper place to get the color you want.

That’s everything we know about breeding frogs in the game. You can learn a great deal more by heading to the Minecraft section of our website.

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