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How to equip Artifacts in Anime Warriors

If you're wondering how to equip an Artifact to one of your characters in Anime Warriors then we have an easy to follow guide for you!
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Roblox Anime Warriors is a game that has you fighting against waves of enemies from your favorite anime worlds. You will be controlling some of the most well-known characters from those anime! If you want to power them up further, you will need to find yourself some Artifacts. Once you find a few, you will no doubt wonder how exactly you equip them! Well, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know.

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Equipping Artifacts

To equip Artifacts in Anime Warriors, you will need to go to your inventory and select the character you want to add the Artifact to. This character CANNOT be in your party. If the character you want to equip is in one of your slots, you need to replace them with another character. Once they are out of your party, click on the Artifacts tab, select the Artifact you want, and hit the equip button!

Equipping Artifacts isn’t difficult, but the part that is tricky is the fact that the character can’t be in your party of three. If you only have three characters then you can’t equip an Artifact! You’ll have to wait until you get another character so you can swap them out.

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Keep in mind that once you equip an Artifact to a character it can’t be removed unless you replace it with another Artifact. Once you replace an Artifact on a character, the original one will be destroyed! You can’t get an Artifact back once it is on a character. So, make sure you are sure you want that character to have it!

That’s all of the information we have on how to equip artifacts in Anime Warriors! We have guides on how to get crystals, artifacts, and a list of all the characters in the game to check out.

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