How to Evolve Demon King (Anos Voldigoad) in Anime Defenders

If you want to evolve Demon King (Anos Voldigoad) in Anime Defenders, then you need this guide because we know exactly what you need to do and what you need to make Demon King Peak.
Anime Defenders Demon King Evolve Cost
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Update 3 for Anime Defenders has released, bringing new features and a powerful unit—the Demon King (Anos Voldigoad). He’s inspired by the main character of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime. This secret unit can evolve into Demon King (Peak), and is an incredible support unit. Here’s the guide on how to evolve the Demon King!

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Demon King (Anos Voldigoad) Evolution Guide

To evolve the Demon King (Anos Voldigoad) into its peak form, the Demon King (Peak), you must forge the Golden Crown within Anime Defenders. This is the only method to evolve the Demon King. Here are the necessary components to craft the Golden Crown:

  • x2 Star Rifts (Light)
  • x8 Star Rifts (Red)
  • x38 Star Rifts (Yellow)
  • x2 Star Rifts (Rainbow)
  • x2 Star Rifts (Dark)
  • x8 Star Rifts (Purple)
  • 42,000¥
Anime Defenders Golden Crown
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Once you obtain the Golden Crown, there is an additional cost of 1,500¥ to evolve your unit. By this stage, acquiring this amount of yen should be relatively straightforward. While this unit’s evolution is the most expensive, crafting the Golden Crown is comparably simpler than other units. For instance, units like Gojo may demand more effort. However, Demon King (Peak) is still high on our tier list.

Anime Defenders Golden Crown
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The main challenge may involve obtaining Dark Star Rifts, introduced just one update ago. These star rifts have a 5% chance of dropping from specific challenges, and are just as rare as Rainbow Star Rifts. If you lack Rainbow or Dark Star Rifts, you’re going to need to spend time getting them.

Getting Star Rifts in Anime Defenders

You have to complete challenges to get Star Rifts in Anime Defenders. Your regular color star rifts have a 50% chance to drop while a Dark and Rainbow Star Rift have a 5% chance of being rewarded after completing a challenge. So it’s really not guaranteed, but luckily, you only need two of each.

Anime Defenders Challenges Dark Star Rift
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Keep an eye to the challenges because not every one will give Star Rifts as a reward. The available challenges rotate hourly, and the provision of Star Rifts as a reward is random. Occasionally, only Gems or Food are offered, or specific Star Rifts are rewarded. Check every hour to see if the star rift you need is offered.

We’ve got a full and comprehensive guide on Star Rifts if you want to know more.

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