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How to evolve units in World Flipper

We're taking a look at the process behind how to evolve your units in World Flipper!
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World Flipper will have you smacking around your units on a pinball board in an attempt to take out fearsome enemies! To make it far in the game, you will require some powerful units! To maximize the strength of the characters you have collected, there is the ability to evolve them to bring them to their full potential. We’ll show you how you can push your units to the next level in this guide.

Evolving Guide

To evolve a unit in World Flipper, you will need to fully unlock all of the unit’s abilities and skills. This can only be done via the Mana Board for the character. Each unit has multiple abilities, and also has enhancements for those abilities. To unlock an ability, you will need to use fragments and elements that you collect from Stages, Quests, The Trading Post, The Bundle Marketplace, and The Star Silver Exchange.

Abilities will also require your unit to be a certain level before they can be unlocked. You will also need to have enough mana, which is a currency in the game you will earn while playing. The fragments and elements you need are determined by the character you are attempting to upgrade. Water users, for example, will require water based elements. The further you go on the Mana Board, the higher grade materials you’ll need to unlock to get the ability.

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Evolving a unit can be a long process if you aren’t lucky with the materials you receive. In particular, the later stage abilities have much higher requirements, and the items needed can be hard to get.

When you evolve a unit, their health will increase and they will get more attack. If you’re looking to power up your characters to the max, then you will want to make sure you get them evolved!

That’s everything we know about evolving units in World Flipper! You will find more coverage on this game in the World Flipper section of our website.

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