How to Fly in Grimoires Era

Want to take flight to the sky in Grimoires Era? We'll tell you the location of the BroomGuy NPC and how much you need to get lessons!
Grimiores Era Flying On A Broom
Image: oGVexx

Have you seen other players taking to the sky on their broom and wondering how to do the same in Grimoires Era? Well, we know where you need to go to fly!

If you’re after some codes, head to our codes page and see what you can get! Or do you want to know how to get your Grimoire?

Grimoires Era – How to Get a Broom to Fly

The first step to unlocking flight in Grimoires Era is to find and speak with the BroomGuy NPC and pay 2,000 yen to attempt to learn how to fly. If you fail, you need to pay him again.

Update: Grimoires Era got its first update, Update 1, and changed the map, along with the locations of NPCs. BroomGuy has been moved, and the guide below shows his new location.

To locate the BroomGuy NPC, start from the spawn point and follow these steps:

  • From the village spawn point, you want to turn right and head east. Directly east, and soon you’ll come across the Church.
Grimoires Era Flying On A Broom Showing The Locations Of Church And Spawn Using Red Arrows
  • Face the church, then head towards the back left of the church and follow the path. You’ll eventually come across a gorge you can enter.
Grimoires Era Flying On A Broom Overlooking Church And Grassy Fields
  • You know you’re in the right place, as there are some steps leading up. At the top, you’ll see a pillar ahead of you; on top of this pillar is BroomGuy.
Grimoires Era On A Broom Showing Stairs Leading Upwards And A Pillar With BroomGuy NPC
  • To get to him, you have to jump on metal rods sticking out from the pillar. Just double-jump your way up to him using the rods as platforms
Grimoires Era Meta Rods Sticking Out A Pillar
  • After you’ve climbed up the rods, interact with BroomGuy, and he’ll offer to teach you how to fly for a price of 2000 Yen. If you decide to proceed, you’ll enter a mini-game that will ultimately reward you with the broom upon completing it.

Broom Minigame

The mechanics of the broom mini-game are straightforward:

Grimiores Era Broom Flying Mini Game
Image: oGVexx
  • You’ll see a gauge with a moving white line and a portion of the gauge highlighted in red.
  • Your task is to click or press Enter when the white line is inside the red portion of the gauge.
  • Successfully clicking each time the white line is in the red zone will progress you through the mini-game.
  • The red zone gets smaller with each success, and the speed will increase also.
  • You are allowed up to three failures. If you fail more than three times, you’ll need to pay an additional 2000 Yen to retry the mini-game.

Upon successful completion of the mini-game, you’ll acquire the Broom. To use it, simply press F to mount and start flying. This new ability allows you to travel across the game world effortlessly, soaring through the skies.

Some Grimoires in the game, such as Wind and Anti Magic, offer their unique forms of flight, and you don’t need to learn to fly with a broom either!

Find out how to access the Grimoires Era Trello so you can check it out when they update the game!

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    U don’t need the broom to fly with wind or anti-magic, u just are born with it