How to get and find Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2

We'll teach you all that you need to know to locate and find Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2.
Featured Slime Rancher 2 Radiant Ore

Once you’ve started to corral Slimes as you play the new Slime Rancher 2 game, you’ll need to make sure to keep them happy! Slimes are balls of gelatinous alien creatures that live on a planet called Far, Far Range. They produce plorts, which can be used to make money, craft items, and unlock areas within the game. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, you’re going to find a fair amount of resources. One of these is Radiant Ore, which we’ll show you where to find!

Where to Find Radiant Ore

To get Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2, you will first need to upgrade your vacuum with the Resource Harvester perk at the Fabricator in the cave under your house at The Conservatory. Now, you can head to areas that you unlock by defeating Gordos to find the Radiant Ore.

As far as we know, you won’t find Radiant Ore spawning around the first area of the map. You need to defeat either the Pink or Cotton Gordos, which both unlock teleporters that send you to new areas. I found that Ember Valley, which is accessed by defeating the Pink Gordo, is the more reliable of the two.

Here’s a map location of some Radiant Ore that I found in Ember Valley. It isn’t guaranteed to be there when you arrive, but we know for sure that it has a chance of spawning in this location. I found a few nodes in this area, so keep an eye out for them!

Slime Rancher 2 Radiant Ore Spawn Map

Radiant Ore spawns in small nodes as a purplish rock in caves and attached to boulders/landmasses. It is fairly rare, but you get 2 – 3 each time you vacuum up a spawn.

Slime Rancher 2 Radiant Ore 1

One of the big reasons to harvest Radiant Ore is to unlock the Jetpack, which you will need to access hard to reach areas in the game. It’s a good thing to get early, as you will find yourself wanting to explore all over to unlock the map and get hidden items!

We hope this helps you find Radiant Ore and helps you upgrade some equipment as you make your way through the game. We have more how-to guides for Slime Rancher 2 if you need more assistance!

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