How to get the Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2

Looking to unlock the Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2? This guide has everything you need to start flying.
Slime Rancher 2 Slimes
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Slime Rancher 2 has just launched into its early access release, meaning players can finally experience the highly anticipated sequel to the slime farming simulator. While everyone is out rushing to raise the new array of colorful cute Slimes, there are still plenty of questions gone unanswered in this brand new title. Looking for how to unlock the Jetpack? Didn’t even know there was a Jetpack to unlock? This guide will get you flying soon.

Getting the Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2

To get a Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2, you will need to collect 450 Newbucks, 10 Phosphor Plorts, and 10 Radiant Ore. You can then take these ingredients to the Fabricator, which is located in a cave beneath your home at The Conservatory. Select the Jetpack, hit the upgrade button, and you will now be able to reach higher areas in the game!

Slime Rancher Jetpack
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To get the ingredient, use the following tips:

  • Newbucks are the currency you earn by selling Plorts. Just feed your various slimes to gather the resource, and sell them at the Plort board near your home in The Conservatory.
  • Phosphor Plorts are dropped by Phosphor Slimes when they eat. These slimes can only be found at nighttime, but they are very common. Their favorite food is Cuberry, so feed them those to get double the plorts!
  • Radiant Ore can be found on the islands you unlock when you defeat Gordo slimes, such as the Pink and Cotton Gordo. You will want to focus on Ember Valley, which is the island unlocked by popping the Pink Gordo. As far as we know, you won’t find Radiant Ore in the Rainbow Fields, which is the beginning area of the game.
Slime Rancher 2 Radiant Ore 1
Image: Monomi Park / Try Hard Guides

Once you’ve got the materials, simply return to your Fabricator and hit the Upgrade button when you have the Jetpack selected. This will unlock the new equipment immediately, allowing you to fly around your ranch, no problem!

After upgrading your pack with the Jetpack, all you need to do is jump and hold the jump key to push yourself into the sky. It consumes power whenever you use it, so make sure to manage your jumps carefully. You will want to upgrade your Power Core to give yourself more hover ability.

That’s everything you need to know to unlock the Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2! Leave a comment below letting us know what you need help with in Slime Rancher 2, and check out our other Slime Rancher 2 guides.

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