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How to get and use Dio’s Diary in AUT (A Universal Time)

We're taking a look at how to get and use Dio's Diary in Roblox A Universal Time!
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Roblox A Universal Time is a whole new game now, with a large variety of new items and abilities to collect. There’s a whole lot to learn about the game, and getting certain items can be difficult without know what to do. Well, if you’re looking to trackdown Dio’s Diary, we will tell you exactly how to do it and what you can use it with!

We have a bunch of great coverage of A Universal Time! We’ve got a guide for how to get Stands, which features many of the advanced forms and evolved options. We also have a list of a bunch of servers you can join that are private in AUT that will make it easier to grind and get items!

Dio’s Diary Guide

To get Dio’s Diary in AUT, you will either need to open up a bunch of treasure chests or trade with another player for it. The diary has a 9% drop rate out of chests, which really isn’t that bad considering how many chests you’ll need to open throughout the game. You can also get the diary by completing a quest from Pucci the Ability Resetter, however, this quest is pretty long and not really worth it.

Treasure chests spawn all over the town area. If you see a chest spawn somewhere, it will always have a chance to spawn in that spot. Chest spawns are static, however, the chance of one spawning in a specific location is random. Your best bet is to find a low population server, or to purchase a private server with Robux.

If you have friends that play the game, it’s possible that they might have an extra Dio’s Diary lying around. You can trade with them with the “!trade USERNAME” command. Be careful with this method, because when you trade you also trade your Stand! Try to remember to store your Stand if you don’t want to trade it away.

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If you want to do the Pucci quest, then talk to him and select the finding the way to heaven option.

Here are the requirements for the quest:

  • Obtain a Dio Bone and use it on The World to become powerful
  • Kill Dio with The World
  • Kill 40 Sinners using The World (Players)

Dio’s Bone can be found in treasure chests, a Dio NPC that you can fight spawns in the Forest, and then you need to kill 40 players which will take quite a while.

Dio’s Diary is used to transform your The World Stand into the evolved The World Over Heaven Stand. Once you have the diary, equip The World, and then select and use the diary. This will evolve your stand in TWOH!

That’s everything you need to know about getting Dio’s Diary in Roblox A Universal Time! We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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