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How to get World Over Heaven (TWOH) in AUT

We'll teach you how to get The World Over Heaven Stand in Roblox A Universal Time with this easy to follow guide.
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There’s a variety of unique and interesting Stands, items, and Forms that you can obtain in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a lot of the others have quests you’ll need to complete, or will only occur under rare circumstances. If you’re looking to get the TWOH aka The World Over Heaven, then we will take a look at what you will need to do to get it in this guide.

You can also check out the rest of our coverage on A Universal Time! We’ve got a guide for how to get Stands, which features many of the advanced forms and evolved options. We also have a list of some servers you can join that are private in AUT that will make it easier to grind some of the required items.

The World Over Heaven Stand Guide

To get TWOH in AUT, you will first need to get The World Stand! The first step on your way to The World is getting the Shadow Dio Stand. This can be obtained at random by stabbing yourself with Stand Arrows. You can get these from Meteors that fall out of the sky onto the mountains and beach parts of the map. You will also find them in treasure chests that spawn around the town. You can also trade for it with another player. If you stab yourself with an arrow and it isn’t Shadow Dio then you need to either save it or reset it using the NPCs in the park.

If you find Dio’s Diary while searching through chests, make sure to save it because we will need it later!

Aut Him Npc Image

Once you have the Shadow Dio Stand, you need to head to the Forest part of the map and look for Him. He is a dark and brooding figure who will be leaning up against a tree. You won’t always find them there, because he only has a 69% chance to spawn every 10 minutes. Once you do find Him, talk to them while using the Shadow Dio Stand to get the Shadow’s Demand quest.

Once you have the quest, you can view it by hitting the M key and then clicking on Quests. It has four requirements, which are the following:

  • Time Stop 5 Times
  • Drain 2,500 Blood
  • Take 17,500 Damage
  • Inflict 15,000 Damage

Time Stop can be done by hitting the F key. It doesn’t seem to always work, so try transitioning out of your Stand with the Q key if you can’t use it for some reason. It has a long cooldown, so just do it when it comes up.

To Drain Blood, you will need to use the Blood Suck ability which is the Y key. You lunge forward when you use this move, so make sure you target something that is in front of you.

Taking and inflicting damage are pretty obvious, however, they will take quite a while. You’ll just need to go and fight other players. If you’ve finished the taking damage portion, you can just beat up some dummies to complete the inflicting damage part!

Once you’ve done all the steps, you will be rewarded with the Vial of Joestar’s Blood! Use this item while you are using the Shadow Dio Stand and you will receive The World Stand!

Now that you have The World Stand, you will need to locate the Dio’s Diary item. You can get this from a treasure chest, it has a 9% drop rate so it isn’t extremely rare and you should be opening a lot of chests anyway. You can also talk to Pucci the Ability Resetter at the park and ask for The Way to Heaven. This will give you a quest that once finished will give you Dio’s Diary. It’s a pretty long quest, so you’re better off going through chests. Here’s the requirements:

  • Obtain a Dio Bone and use it on The World to become powerful
  • Kill Dio with The World
  • Kill 40 Sinners using The World (Players)

Dio’s Bone can be found in treasure chests, a Dio NPC that you can fight spawns in the Forest, and then you need to kill 40 players which will take quite a while.

However you get Dio’s Diary, once you have it, use it while you have The World Stand equipped and you will obtain The World: Over Heaven Stand!

TWOH Abilities

  • Ground Strike (G) – Knockback all nearby enemies and blind them briefly.
  • Accelerated Knives (T) – Throw three knives forward, if you hit a target, a thunderbolt will drop on them and deal additional damage.
  • Time Stop Teleport (V) – Stop time briefly and teleport forward.
  • Heavenly Strikes (Left-Click) – A four hit combo with the final strike knocking back the enemy.
  • Barrage (E) – Your stand throws multiple punches quickly in front of you and stuns the target if hit.
  • Heavy Punch (R) – Throw a two punch combo that knocks back the enemy if hit.
  • Thunder God’s Descension (Y) – Causes lightning strikes to land around the user.
  • Time Stop (F) – Free time for around 7 seconds, where you can deal damage or run away.
  • Sever Internal Injury (H) – Strike the enemy from within their body which damages them and then damages them again.
  • Reality Overwrite (J) – Your stand charges up a punch and throws it in front of you. If it hits the target, they will throw punches in the air like they are fighting something off but it is an illusion.
  • Neutralization Heal (B) – Heals the user of the TWOH.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get TWOH in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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