How to Get New Acrospear Sword in King Legacy

Want to acquire the new sword, called Acrospear in King Legacy? Use this guide, as we break down all the steps needed to craft it. I hope you're ready for a grind!
King Legacy Acrospear
Image: JixxyJax

Wanting to know how to get the new sword, Acrospear Sword, which was released in King Legacy Update 5? Well, we have all the details and steps needed to get this new weapon!

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King Legacy Acrospear Sword and How to Craft It (Update 5)

To get the new sword, Acrospear, in King Legacy, players need to have the Acroscythe in their possession and be able to go to Third Sea. To get the Acroscythe, you need to open Hydra or Sea King chests in the Second Sea; the percentage chance varies.

Behind the castle in Third Sea, behind a breakable wall, you will find an NPC called ???. But if you do own the Acroscythe, he won’t interact with you. He’ll talk a lot, and eventually, you’ll be able to click Accept, and you’ll see two items in the crafting menu: Eye of Acro and Acrospear.

To craft the Acrospear, you need:

  • 9 Eye of Acro – Cratable from ??? NPC
  • 1 Hydro’s Tail – Obtaining from Second Sea in Hydra Chests, as a 0.64% drop rate, or you can trade for one.

Once you have everything above, head back to ??? and craft the Acrospear.

Where to find ??? NPC

King Legacy Right Of Castlew
Image: LuckyGam3r

To find the ??? NPC, go to the right of the giant castle, as shown in the image above. Head towards the edge of the cliff and look for a platform below. On this platform will have a breakable wall you can destroy with any destruction ability. Inside will be the ??? NPC to begin your journey crafting the Acrospear.

King Legacy Breakable Wall
Image: LuckyGam3r

How to Get Eye of Acro

To craft one Eye of Acro, you need the following materials:

  • 6 Aqua Gems
  • 50 Sea Artifacts – Obtained by killing Deep Divers around the castle.
  • 10 Sea King’s Blood – Found in Second Sea by opening Sea King Chests, Hydra Chests, or trading for it.
King Legacy Eye Of Acro
Image: JixxyJax

So to craft nine of these you need the following:

  • 54 Aqua Gems
  • 450 Sea Artifacts
  • 90 Sea King’s Blood

The hardest thing about crafting Eye of Acro is the Aqua Gems, as these, like the Eye of Acro, need a lot of materials to craft, but luckily, you can get all materials from the castle location from the various NPCs around it.

How to Craft Aqua Gem

Roblox King Legacy Aqua Gem
Image: Builderboy TV

To craft one Aqua Gem, you need to find an NPC called Tidalgem Smith and have the following materials ready:

  • 10 Coral – Obtained from killing Fugitive, but it’s a rare drop
  • 10 Shark’s Fins – Obtained from killing the Deep One, Fishman Guardians, and Fishman King’s Guard
  • 50 Sea Artifacts – Obtained by killing Deep Divers and Deep One Villagers.
  • 3 Pearls – Obtained from killing Fugitive, but it’s a rare drop

So because you need six Aqua Gems, you need the following materials:

  • 60 Coral
  • 60 Shark’s Fins
  • 300 Sea Artifacts
  • 18 Pearls

If you are after Saber V2, you’ll need to craft more Aqua Gems!

Where to find Tidalgem Smith

King Legacy Castle Overlooking The Fugitive NPC
Image: JixxyJax

Tidalgem Smith can be found right next to the Fugitive NPC. From the image above, if you turn left you’ll find the NPC. Speak to him with all materials required and craft all the Aqua Gems you need.

Now return to the ??? NPC and craft the nine Eye of Acro that you need. Once you have all nine, click on the Acrospear in the crafting menu, and as long as you have the Hydra’s Tail, you’ll be able to craft it.

Acrospear Moveset

  • Acrostrike (Z):
    • By holding Z, you’ll see a blood effect envelop your character. Let go, and you’ll dash forward, and a giant spear will appear behind you. This spear will vacuum all NPCs around it and then explode with an AoE.
  • Acrovengeful (X)
    • By holding X, the same blood effect will appear. Let go, and three spears will rain down from the sky in a line, and explode with an AoE.

Any damage dealt by the Acrospear will also heal you.

To upgrade the Acrospear you need:

  • 5 Sea King’s Fin – Found in Second Sea by opening Sea King Chests, Hydra Chests, or trading for it.
  • 25 Iron Ingots – Found in Fiore Island by killing the NPCs there.
  • 14 Sea King’s Blood – Found in Second Sea by opening Sea King Chests, Hydra Chests, or trading for it.

Thank you to JixxyJax for helping create this guide. You can watch their YouTube video below if you get stuck at all!

YouTube video
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