How to Get Saber V2 in King Legacy

Looking for information on how to get the Saber V2 in King Legacy Update 5? Well, look no further as we list everything you need to get this new sword!
Roblox King Legacy Saber V2 Special Red Attack
Image: blak negir

Are you wondering how to get Saber V2, which was released in King Legacy Update 5? Well, we have all the details and steps needed to get this new weapon!

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King Legacy Saber V2 and How To Get It

Before embarking on the quest for Saber V2, you need to meet certain requirements:

  1. Have Saber V1: You must have Saber V1 to get Saber V2
  2. Minimum Bounty: You must have at least 2 million bounty to start the quest.
  3. Defeat the Lord of Saber: This is a crucial step in the quest.
  4. Payment for the Quest: You will need to pay five Aqua Gems and 1 Kraken Cache.

Steps to Obtain Saber V2

How to Get Saber V1

To get Saber V1 in King Legacy, you need to defeat the level 3,000 Expert Swordsman in the Stone Area. This boss will spawn every two hours. After defeating him, you have a 25% drop chance of getting Saber V1.

Farming Bounty

Farming the required 2 million bounty is no joke. The best way to do it is to go around killing every boss you can find, but there’s no denying this will take you a while. Once you have the 2 million bounty, head to Third Sea.

Finding the NPC

In the Third Sea, navigate to the castle located in the middle of the map. Behind the castle, you’ll find an NPC named “Unearthly Guardian.” Speak to him to accept the quest. Remember, he won’t interact with you unless you have the 2 million bounty.

Roblox King Legacy Third Sea Castl Npc Location
Image: Builderboy TV

To find the Unearthly Guardian, fly to the top of the castle and head to the back left corner in the image above. Head down and in the archway is the Unearthly Guardian. Speak to him and click Accept if you have the 2 million bounty. He’ll task you to defeat the Lord of the Saber in the castle.

Lord of Saber

Lord of Saber is a level 8,500 boss located in the castle behind the Unearthly Guardian, however, he is hidden behind a wall located in the image below. Once the boss has spawned, the wall hiding him will fall forward, revealing an entrance to fight the boss. Lord of Saber spawns every hour.

Roblox King Legacy Lord Of Saber Hidden Wall
Image: LuckyGam3r

Once defeated, return to the Unearthly Guardian to get another task to find 5 Aqua Gems and 1 Kraken’s Cache. You should already have a Kraken’s Cache, as you should have one for defeating the Kraken Tentacles to even reach Third Sea.

Crafting Aqua Gems

Roblox King Legacy Aqua Gem NPC Location
Image: Builderboy TV

To craft Aqua gems, locate an NPC in the middle of the island called Tidalgem Smith. Look at the image above for his location. He’s on part of a castle wall. Interact with this NPC, click Accept, and select the Aqua Gems after clicking Click to Select. You’ll need to craft a total of five for this quest.

Roblox King Legacy Aqua Gem
Image: Builderboy TV

You need the following to craft one Aqua Gem and all these materials you can get from NPCs in this area:

  • 10 Coral – Obtained from killing Fugitive, but it’s a rare drop
  • 10 Shark’s Fins – Obtained from killing the Deep One, Fishman Guardians, and Fishman King’s Guard
  • 50 Sea Artifacts – Obtained by killing Deep Divers and Deep One Villagers.
  • 3 Pearls – Obtained from killing Fugitive, but it’s a rare drop

Once you have all five, return once again to the Unearthly Guardian and upgrade your Saber V1 into a Saber V2 in King Legacy!

Saber V2 Moveset

  • Havoc Cleave (Z)
    • Using Havoc Cleave, will dash forward and unleash a barrage of powerful horizontal AoE red strikes and then finish in a stationary bombardment of attacks in an AoE explosion.
  • Grasp Ruination (X):
    • Using Grasp Ruination will gather red energy in your blade and swing down. Once it lands, it causes an AoE explosion and then releases a vertical wave that moves forward in a line, damaging everything in its path.

You can watch a showcase of the Saber V2 here! And thanks to Builderboy TV, and LuckyGam3r for help crafting this guide!

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